Main missions

Under the direction of the HSE Manager, the HSE supervisor ensures the application of safety and prevention measures in force on the site and/or supervised area.

He ensures that hygiene rules are put in place and respected to ensure the health of teams and stakeholders. It ensures that the activities carried out by the company (production, maintenance, waste management, etc.) are carried out while reducing the impact on the environment.

Job activities

  • Safety Management: The HSE supervisor is responsible for implementing and overseeing safety programs to prevent accidents, injuries and safety-related incidents. They ensure that safety procedures are followed, provide training to employees on safe practices, perform regular inspections of equipment and facilities, and coordinate emergency activities in the event of an incident.

  • Environmental Management: The HSE Supervisor ensures that business activities are conducted in compliance with environmental regulations and industry best practices. They ensure the prevention of pollution and negative impacts on the environment. This can include waste management, reducing emissions, conserving water and protecting sensitive ecosystems.

  • Health management: The HSE supervisor also takes care of the health of the workers. They ensure that employees have a healthy and safe working environment by implementing measures to prevent health risks, providing appropriate personal protective equipment, organizing medical examinations and implementing programs awareness and prevention of occupational diseases.

  • Regulatory compliance: The HSE supervisor ensures that the company complies with the laws and regulations in force in the energy sector. They monitor regulatory changes, maintain compliance of facilities and operations with legal requirements, and work with regulatory agencies to ensure that all requirements are met.

  • Awareness and training: The HSE supervisor plays a key role in the awareness and training of employees on health, safety and environmental issues. They organize training sessions, develop awareness materials and communicate company policies and procedures in terms of HSE. They also encourage a culture of safety and environmental responsibility within the organization.

Required skills

  • In-depth knowledge of regulations: regarding safety and the environment in the energy industry.

  • Safety management skills: to implement effective safety programs and identify and mitigate risks.

  • Environmental management capabilities: to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and put in place environmental protection measures.

  • Skills in health and hygiene management: to prevent occupational diseases, ensure worker safety and promote well-being.

  • Communication and leadership skills: to communicate safety and environmental policies and procedures, and motivate teams to adopt safe and environmentally responsible behaviors.

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Other HSE jobs

  • HSE Engineer

    HSE Engineer

    HSE Engineers play a critical role in the oil and gas industry by ensuring safe operations, minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • HSE Manager

    HSE Manager

    An HSE Manager (Health, Safety, and Environment) is responsible to ensure compliance with safety, health, and environmental standards in all operations related to the oil and gas sector. This role aims to prevent risks, safeguard employees, and minimize environmental impact.

Recruitment Manager

Faced with the acceleration of the energy transition, the skills of energy experts are a real challenge for the decades to come. It is important to us to analyze the strategic positions of the oil and gas, renewable and nuclear sectors so that our consultants can understand the possible bridges from one sector to another. This will allow us to transform the energy landscape together.


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