[Recruitment] 6 steps to get a new mission in energy with Altea Energy

Are you an energy expert looking for new challenges? Discover in this article the 6 key steps that will increase your chances of being selected by our recruiters and clients.

Antar Ferkhi, Recruitment Supervisor, reveals Altea Energy’s recruitment process and working methods that allow us to develop a dynamic community of energy consultants and deploy them to clients’ sites in record time.

“The time between your application and your mobilization to the client site if you are selected is usually between 15 days to 1 month. Depending on the urgency of the need and the client’s responsiveness, standard times may vary. Some candidates may be mobilized within 72 hours if the project requires an immediate resource. Others may be mobilized months after their application if the project is delayed for client-specific reasons. Our main objective in all situations is to adapt to our clients’ demands and to ensure maximum visibility to our candidates at all stages of the recruitment process,” explains Antar Ferkhi.

You apply for a mission offer on our website

The first step is to regularly check the “Live Jobs” page on our website to find the assignment that suits you best. As soon as new opportunities are available, our team publishes them on the website during the day.

“On the Live Jobs page, filters allow you to refine the list of available missions according to your profile and experience: by industry (oil & gas, renewable energy, or nuclear), by country, and by discipline (engineering, production, maintenance, drilling…). If an offer is of interest to you, we invite you to apply online directly and send us your resume. The recruiter in charge of the job offer will receive a notification and can include your profile to the list of applications to be reviewed,” explains Antar Ferkhi, Recruitment Supervisor at Altea Energy.

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We analyze job applications

For each new mission opportunity, the recruiter analyzes the received applications, screens CVs and candidates’ experiences to select the best profiles.

“We receive an average of a hundred applications per mission posted on our website. Our goal as recruiters is to find the perfect match between the client’s needs and the candidates we will put forward.

Usually, we retain up to 10 CVs per mission. We select them from the applications received via the website, but also from our database of profiles or through recommendations from our consultants’ community. Our applicant tracking system allows us to perform advanced searches to find the right profiles in our CV database (by keyword, geographic area, certifications, level of experience, etc.),” notes Antar Ferkhi.

We organize interviews with preselected candidates

The interview with the candidate is a strategic step to get to know them and discover the strengths of their profile, both in terms of experiences and skills or personal qualities.

“At this stage, our goal is to refine our selection of candidates. We conduct interviews with about ten candidates for each mission to be filled. During the interview, we discuss the candidate’s past experiences, certifications, skills, and motivation. We pay particular attention to their personality to validate their ability to integrate into the existing team, which contributes as much as their technical skills to the future success of the project,” continues Antar Ferkhi.

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We submit the selected profiles to the client

After the interviews, we select between 3 to 5 candidates whose profiles match the project’s requirements and the client’s expectations, and who will be submitted to the client.

“At this stage, we refine the preselected applications and write summary presentations for each profile, highlighting their strengths and suitability for the position. We send them to the client for approval, and the client gets back to us with a list of profiles they wish to meet for an interview,” specifies Antar Ferkhi.

We organize interviews with the client

Most often, the client selects 2 to 3 candidates for us to organize a more in-depth technical interview, which will allow them to validate the profiles’ suitability with the mission, constraints, and project challenges.

“We take care of organizing the interview between the candidate and the client. The interview lasts between 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the client and the position. During this meeting, the candidate will meet 1 to 2 managers who are usually their future contacts on the mission. The client will pay particular attention to validating the technical prerequisites and the candidate’s experience.

For some missions, a final interview may be organized with other departments of the company, such as human resources, but this is not always the case. Interviews often take place by phone or videoconference. Following the interviews, the client makes their final choice and selects a candidate,” continues Antar Ferki.

If you are selected, we launch the mobilization process

From the moment a candidate is selected, they officially become a consultant at Altea Energy and join our community. The recruiter connects them with Altea Energy’s mobilization team, which takes care of the onboarding to our consultant portal, the immigration formalities, as well as the logistics to mobilize them on the client site at the desired date and under the best conditions.

Communication at every stage

Communication with candidates at all stages of the recruitment process is a major concern for Altea Energy. The digitalization of our processes allows us to be as responsive as possible and to keep all candidates informed about the progress of their application.

“Unfortunately, we cannot retain all candidates among the hundreds of CVs we receive for each mission. Thanks to the digital tools we have implemented, we try to give them as much visibility as possible on the status of their application and inform them of the outcome of the selection, even when the response is negative.

We have new opportunities every week. If a candidate is not selected for a mission, it does not mean that their profile is not interesting! On the contrary! We will not hesitate to contact them for future opportunities should their profile match other clients’ needs,” concludes Antar Ferkhi.


Are you motivated to go through all these steps?

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Since 2008, Altea Energy has been accelerating the success of energy projects by facilitating the match between the best experts in oil & gas, renewables, and nuclear, and energy players seeking specialized skills.

Our team of recruiters helps energy experts find quality missions daily and offers them the best possible experience:

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