[Recruitment – Energy Sector] How to give the best during your interview with Altea Energy?

If you are an expert in the energy sector and looking for a new assignment, putting yourself in the best conditions for your interview is essential to increase your chances of being preselected in applicants’ pool that will be submitted to our clients.

Asma Boubakri, Recruiter at Altea Energy, shares valuable advice to help you make a difference during your interview and join our community of consultants.

Prepare well before the interview

“As a recruiter, I am looking daily for experts to work on our clients’ projects, in the fields of oil & gas, nuclear or wind power. My main objective is to select the best profiles and help our clients build high-performance teams that will fully contribute to the success of their energy projects.“, explains Asma Boubakri, Recruiter at Altea Energy.

If your resume is selected and your application appears to match the client’s needs, a phone interview is scheduled with a recruiter from the Altea Energy team.

“Before the interview, it is important that you prepare by immersing yourself in the culture and values ​​of Altea Energy and that you know the details of the mission, to be able to demonstrate verbally that your skills are aligned with client expectations. Your preparation will be felt during the interview and is a first positive indicator proving your commitment to the project.”, continues Asma Boubakri.

“It is also important that you pay attention to maintaining a dynamic voice and clear articulation throughout the exchange. The recruiter will be very attentive to the fluidity of your speech and your confidence.”, adds Asma Boubakri.

The day of the interview

The interview lasts between 30 to 45 minutes and takes place most of the time by phone. During this short period of time, the candidate must convey confidence and professionalism.

Be punctual, dynamic and clear

Punctuality is the first evaluation criterion to demonstrate your involvement and leave a positive first impression to the recruiter. This is an essential prerequisite! Personally, I often introduce the interview with general questions about life, to get to know each other informally and put the candidate at ease from the start of the interview. I confirm with the candidate its interest in the position and motivations. And then we dive into the details of the position and its experiences.”, confides Asma Boubakri.

The interview is the only opportunity to explore the candidate’s past experiences, technical skills and professional successes, so that the recruiter can validate the fit with the expectations of the position.

“You should expect to have detailed discussions on these different aspects during the interview. This will be an opportunity for you to show that you are the ideal person for the mission by highlighting the technical skills and experiences that make you the perfect match with the specific technical requirements of the position.

During the interview, we seek to evaluate several criteria in order to ensure your suitability for the available position: your motivations, your technical skills, your training and certificates, the details of your previous missions as well as the specific skills directly linked to the mission’s requirements.”, explains Asma Boubakri.

Value your adaptability

Energy jobs are risky, especially in sectors (oil and gas, onshore and offshore wind, nuclear) and projects (drilling, engineering, commissioning, construction, dismantling, etc.) which are at the heart of Altea Energy’s expertise.

Highlighting your ability to deal with critical situations that may have arisen during your previous missions is essential during the interview.

“Altea Energy’s clients’ projects are technically complex and sometimes take place in demanding and isolated environments. Do not hesitate to demonstrate during the interview that in your past experiences you have been able to resist stress, adapt and remain efficient in difficult situations. A project is not linear. Your ability to quickly and efficiently resolve problems that may arise in the field is an essential skill that is important to promote”, insists Asma Boubakri.

Be transparent
and demonstrate your motivation

The Altea Energy team is looking for experts with whom a lasting relationship of trust can be established and who will be able to integrate easily into its clients’ project teams.

“Motivation and human qualities are as important to us as technical skills. Promoting your skills is important but doing it with motivation and humility is essential because it will be an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to integrate into your future team.

If you have periods of inactivity in your career, be honest about it, while emphasizing the positive aspects. Structure your answer by briefly explaining the reason for inactivity (family, medical reasons, training or just a break). Describe your productive actions during this time. Do not hesitate to emphasize the skills acquired and explain how you took advantage of these moments to develop yourself and strengthen your value.”, advises Asma Boubakri.

A strong relationship can be created with the candidate from the first discussions.

Some candidates stand out during the interview by combining the expertise sought with the expression of values ​​that are fundamental in Altea Energy’s culture: trust, flexibility, quality, team spirit and passion. These are obviously candidates who catch our attention because they are aligned with the commitments that the Altea Energy team makes towards its consultants and clients.

“I have already had the opportunity during interviews to have discussions where the candidates were so experts and passionate about their fields that they managed to explain complex subjects with great simplicity, thus making the explanation accessible, like if I participated in a lecture. As recruiters, we emerge confident from these discussions because a positive and caring connection was created during the interview.

Remember that authenticity and commitment are highly valued at Altea Energy. This makes us even more convincing when we put forward this candidate’s profile to our clients.”, continues Asma Boubakri.

After the interview

It is important that the candidate continues to demonstrate its motivation after the interview to confirm interest in being selected for the mission.

“Remember to send a thank you email to the recruiter with whom you spoke and confirm your interest after the interview. Beyond the relational aspect, this confirms your professionalism, commitment and motivation to go further in the recruitment process. Do not hesitate to highlight what you specifically appreciated during the interview and about the position and share your personal motivations for joining the client’s team.”, underlines Asma Boubakri.

Additional documents may be requested, be diligent in providing them.

“We regularly ask candidates for additional information after interviews. Responding to emails quickly is important because missions require responsiveness. This demonstrates a professional and positive attitude and your willingness to facilitate the selection process.

By adopting all these best practices, you maintain professional communication at all stages, you express your interest in an engaging manner and you have every chance that your profile will be pre-selected for the mission that interests you. I only have one word left to share with you: I look forward to talking with you soon!”, concludes Asma Boubakri.

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Since 2008, Altea Energy has accelerated the success of energy projects by facilitating meetings between the best oil and gas, renewable and nuclear consultants and companies looking for high-quality profiles.

Our team of recruiters helps energy experts find their dream assignment every day and offer them the best possible experience.

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Discover the advice of Mustapha Letabi, Senior Recruiter at Altea Energy, in this article: “How to write a top CV to promote your application?”

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