However, overall, the nuclear sector employs a significant number of people worldwide.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in 2020 there were approximately 450,000 people employed in the nuclear industry worldwide, employed directly in nuclear power plants, but also working in:

  • construction companies,
  • maintenance and service companies,
  • government agencies,
  • research laboratories,
  • universities
  • and other organizations related to the nuclear industry.

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Maintenance & Inspection
Posted 4 hours ago

Vibration analyst

United Arab Emirates
ID : 3124
Responsibilities: Conduct detailed analysis of routine vibration data collected on AMS 2140 Vibration Analysers in Emerson AMS Machinery Manager. Commission and setup an Emerson AMS 2600 device with standalone recording function for investigating equipment issues and utilise as required. Conduct Vibration Analysis to produce engineering reports identifying Root Cause Analysis, recommended corrective actions and maintenance […]
Maintenance & Inspection
Posted 4 hours ago

Thermography image analyst

United Arab Emirates
ID : 3121

Conduct Thermography Image analysis in accordance with ISO 18436-7 Level 2.

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