Main missions

A Head of Planning Method ensures that planning processes are optimized to maximize operational efficiency, meet deadlines and budgets, and achieve the company’s strategic objectives.

Job activities

  • Development of planning methods: it designs and develops planning methods adapted to the specific operations of the company. This may include developing planning models, identifying key performance indicators and establishing monitoring procedures.

  • Supervision of implementation: he supervises the implementation of planning methods within operational teams. This involves providing guidance, training team members in the methods adopted and ensuring processes are followed correctly.

  • Cross-functional coordination: Collaborates with various departments across the company, such as project management, manufacturing, logistics, and finance, to align plans and resources. It acts as a link between the different teams to ensure coherent planning and fluid communication.

  • Continuous improvement: he is responsible for the regular evaluation of planning methods and their effectiveness. It identifies areas where improvements are needed and implements adjustments to optimize processes and ensure better results.

  • Management of planning tools: May also be responsible for the selection, implementation and management of planning and project management tools, such as project management software and advanced planning systems.

Required skills

A Head of Planning Method in the oil and gas sector must have the following skills:

  • Project Planning and Management: Expertise in creating schedules, allocating resources and managing project performance.

  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze data to identify trends and issues in planning processes.

  • Effective Communication: Communication skills to explain planning methods and collaborate with different teams.

  • Mastery of planning tools: Knowledge of project management and data analysis software.

  • Leadership and Collaboration: Ability to lead teams and collaborate with different departments to ensure consistent and effective planning.

Mission offers

Project Management
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Data Engineer

Oil & Gas Upstream
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We are actively seeking a skilled Data Manager to oversee the creation and maintenance of the subsurface database and workflow that maintain data.

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