Main missions

The Field Base Manager is responsible for coordinating all base-related activities, including facilities management, logistics, human resources, health and safety, coordination with other departments and parties. stakeholders, budget management and documentation of activities.

Job activities

  • Facilities Management: The Base Manager is responsible for facilities management at the site, including infrastructure, equipment, buildings and related services. He ensures that all facilities are in good working order, comply with safety standards and are ready to meet operational needs.

  • Logistics and Supply: The Base Manager oversees logistics activities, such as the receipt, storage and distribution of equipment, materials and supplies required for operations. He ensures that supplies are made in a timely and efficient manner to support field activities.

  • Human Resource Management: The Base Manager oversees the base staff in the field, including technicians, operators and administrative staff. He is responsible for workforce planning, task assignment, performance monitoring and management of human resources issues.

  • Health and Safety: The Base Manager is responsible for ensuring that all operations at the base site are carried out in accordance with health and safety standards. He implements safety protocols, organizes training, performs regular inspections and ensures that safety procedures are followed.

  • Coordination and communication: The Base Manager coordinates with other departments and teams on site, as well as with external stakeholders such as suppliers, regulatory authorities and contractors. It facilitates effective communication between different parties to ensure smooth operations and quick resolution of issues.

  • Budget management: The Base Manager is responsible for managing the budgets allocated to the base in the field. It tracks expenses, prepares financial reports, identifies areas for cost optimization and proposes measures to improve financial efficiency.

  • Reporting and Documentation: The Base Manager maintains accurate and complete records of base field activities, including activity reports, inventories, operating procedures and other relevant documentation.

Required skills

A Base Field Manager in the oil and gas sector should have the following skills:

  • Logistics Operations Management: Ability to oversee and manage base logistics activities, including management of facilities, equipment, supplies and inventory.

  • Leadership and coordination: Ability to lead a team, coordinate different stakeholders and foster collaboration between operational teams, suppliers and other departments.

  • Human Resource Management: Competence in managing base personnel, including recruitment, workforce planning, task assignment, training, performance monitoring and resolution of human resource issues.

  • Health, Safety and Environment: Knowledge of current regulations and safety standards in the oil and gas sector, and ability to put in place safety measures and ensure compliance with health, safety and environmental standards. environment.

  • Budget Management: Competence in managing budgets allocated to the field base, tracking expenditures, identifying areas for cost optimization and proposing measures to improve financial efficiency.

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