Main missions

The main missions of the reservoir engineer are to assess the potential of the deposit and to ensure that the recovery rates of the extraction operations are the most optimized at all stages of production.

Profitability-oriented, the reservoir engineer is a researcher and scientist with a central role in the oil industry, from forecasting to monitoring production, whether in the development of existing deposits or in the acquisition of new ones. deposits. He devotes all his knowledge to optimizing the production of the oil well.

Job activities

  • Identify and describe deposits from geoscience seismic studies and analyze data on the reservoir rock (size, properties, qualities, pressure, temperature, etc.) and on the fluids it contains to predict the behavior of the deposit,
  • Study the geological and geophysical specificities of soils, subsoils and deposits (nature, composition, risks and potentials),
  • Analyze, evaluate and model the reservoir data of a field on computer tools to reproduce the deposit as realistically as possible,
  • Carry out simulations and operational recommendations concerning the exploitation potential of the oil well,
  • Develop the drilling schedule and the production profile, present its recommendations to stakeholders in the country of intervention,
  • Optimize the production of the oil well to optimize its performance,
  • Research and track real-time data coming from the well in the field for ways to improve extraction and production,
  • Establish reports and reports of analysis results,
  • Coordinate the activities of a team or a structure,
  • Adapt their recommendations as they go along.

Required skills

  • High-level scientific profile:
    • engineering degree in geoscience and reservoir engineering, in petroleum geoscience and reservoir engineering…
    • or specialized master or even doctorate (physics, physics-chemistry, fluid mechanics applied to porous media, petroleum engineering, geoscience specialties, reservoir, production and processing, applied research, etc.),
  • Possible specialization towards research or production, depending on the original training,
  • Computer proficiency in the use of Geographic Information System (S.I.G.) as well as modeling and simulation software,
  • Capacity for analysis, field observation, interpretation of results and synthesis
  • Control of costs and technical and human resources to be implemented,
  • Ability to work in a team in a design office, in a geological service company or consulting company before being possibly recruited by an international oil company,
  • Mobility and adaptability,
  • International career, fluency in English essential.
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Other Drilling & Reservoir Jobs

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    Production Engineer – Oil and Gas

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  • Geological Engineer – Oil and Gas

    Geological Engineer – Oil and Gas

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    Head Drilling Mechanic – Oil and Gas

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Recruitment Manager

Faced with the acceleration of the energy transition, the skills of energy experts are a real challenge for the decades to come. It is important to us to analyze the strategic positions of the oil and gas, renewable and nuclear sectors so that our consultants can understand the possible bridges from one sector to another. This will allow us to transform the energy landscape together.


Altea Energy: A Committed and Responsible Actor at the Heart of the Energy Sector

Altea Energy: A Committed and Responsible Actor at the Heart of the Energy Sector

Founded in 2008, Altea Energy is a technical assistance and engineering support company operating in the energy sector. Initially specialized in oil and gas, the company has diversified its activities in recent years to include renewable energies such as wind and solar...
Our hot jobs in June: more than 60 energy jobs open in Africa and Europe!

Our hot jobs in June: more than 60 energy jobs open in Africa and Europe!

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[Altea Energy] How to digitalize recruitment to attract and mobilize the best energy experts?

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