Main missions

The main mission of the production engineer is to ensure the efficient and secure management of oil production.

It plays a vital role in the exploitation of oil fields by ensuring that production is optimized in a safe and profitable manner.

Job activities

  • Production Planning: The Production Engineer works in conjunction with exploration and drilling teams to develop production plans. He analyzes geological and engineering data to determine appropriate methods and technologies to maximize oil recovery.

  • Oversight of drilling operations: The production engineer oversees drilling activities, including the design and construction of oil wells. He ensures that drilling operations are carried out in accordance with safety standards and environmental regulations. It also monitors well performance and identifies any problems.

  • Optimization of production: The production engineer works to improve the efficiency of oil production by using techniques such as the injection of water or gas to maintain the pressure in the reservoirs, the use of technologies of enhanced oil recovery (such as polymer injection) and the implementation of advanced monitoring systems to detect production problems.

  • Risk Management: The production engineer assesses the risks associated with petroleum operations and implements prevention and management measures to minimize possible accidents, leaks or spills. He works in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration: The production engineer works closely with other professionals, such as geologists, geophysicists and technicians, to solve technical problems and optimize oil production. He also works closely with maintenance teams for preventive maintenance and repair of production equipment.

Required skills

A production engineer in the drilling and exploitation of oil fields must have the following skills:

  • Technical knowledge in petroleum engineering including fluid mechanics, petroleum geology, reservoir science and drilling techniques.
  • Project management skills to plan, organize and oversee drilling and production operations.
  • Problem solving skills to analyze and resolve operational issues related to oil production.
  • Knowledge of environmental, safety and health regulations related to the petroleum industry.
  • Communication skills to interact effectively with field teams, other engineers, managers and regulators.
  • Ability to adapt to changing field conditions and unforeseen challenges.
  • Knowledge of new technologies and ability to assess their relevance and application in optimizing oil production.
  • Strong work ethic and safety consciousness.
  • Ability to work in a team to collaborate with other professionals and coordinate activities.
  • Data analysis skills to interpret geological and engineering data to make informed decisions.

Mission offers

Drilling & Reservoir
Posted 13 days ago

Well Superintendent

Oil & Gas Upstream
ID : 3184

We are currently looking for an experienced well superintendent for an offshore deepwater project in Angola, for 8-12 months, starting asap. The Well superintendent will be responsible for follow up of all completion operations and ensuring the operations are performed safely. The challenge is to optimize operation performance and reach budget objectives fully achieving all well productivity and development goals within a high safety and environment awareness level.

Drilling & Reservoir
Posted 20 days ago

Night Company Man

Oil & Gas Upstream
ID : 3171

We are looking for a Night Company Man to manage the drilling operations that occur during the night shift.

Drilling & Reservoir
Posted 2 months ago

Senior Drilling Supervisor

Oil & Gas Upstream
ID : 3069
Job Level                            Senior Job Description                   Drilling Supervisor (Company Man) Reports to                           Drilling Superintendent Work Scheme                     28 X 28 Total Experience 15 – 20 years Experience in Algeria > 10 years if the experience is in Berkine basin will be a plus Experience in Depleted reservoir (will be considered as a plus) 1- General Description The Company Man is […]
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