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Well completion refers to activities that prepare an oil or gas well for production after the drilling phase.

A well completion engineer is a professional responsible for designing, planning and supervising well completion operations.

Job activities

Specific responsibilities of a well completions engineer may include:

  • Completion design: he is responsible for the design of the completion, i.e. the choice of the appropriate equipment and techniques to allow the optimal production of the well. This may include the selection of casings, pressure control equipment, hydraulic fracturing systems, etc.

  • Operations planning: he develops a detailed plan for the execution of completion operations. This involves coordinating with drilling, production and service teams to ensure the necessary resources are available and operations run efficiently and safely.

  • Operations oversight: Oversees completion operations in the field, ensuring that safety procedures are adhered to and performance targets are met. They coordinate teams in the field, ensure deadlines are met and manage any problems that may arise during operations.

  • Optimization of production: he strives to optimize the production of the well by using advanced techniques and technologies. They can recommend improvements or modifications to completion methods to maximize well yield and improve overall performance.

  • Analysis and reporting: he performs in-depth analyzes of the results of completion operations, evaluates the effectiveness of the techniques used and prepares reports to document the performance of the well. This information is essential for evaluating successes and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Required skills

A well completions engineer must have a combination of technical, analytical and interpersonal skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of well completion techniques used in the industry.

  • Design and planning skills to develop completion solutions tailored to the characteristics of the well.

  • Security expertise to manage risk and ensure compliance with security standards.

  • Project management skills to coordinate completion operations and meet deadlines and budgets.

  • Problem-solving skills to analyze situations and find effective solutions to potential challenges or problems.

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  • Well Inspector

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  • Well Safety Specialist

    Well Safety Specialist

    A Well Safety Specialist is responsible to ensure the safety and security of drilling wells, focusing on accident prevention and compliance with safety standards.

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