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A well integrity engineer is a professional in the oil and gas industry who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of wellbores.

Indeed, boreholes are complex and dangerous installations that require constant monitoring to guarantee the safety of workers and the environment. As a technical expert, the Well Integrity Engineer therefore plays a key role in managing the integrity of wellbores and ensuring the safety of workers, the environment, as well as performance and regulatory compliance. boreholes.

Well integrity engineers work at all stages of the life of a well: the design, construction, maintenance and monitoring of wells to ensure their integrity and safety.

Beyond ensuring the safety of workers and the environment, the Well Integrity Engineer is also responsible for maximizing well performance and yield, complying with safety regulations and standards, and environment and avoid well failures.

Job activities

Specific responsibilities of a well integrity engineer may include:

  • Design and supervise the construction of boreholes to ensure their long-term integrity,
  • Develop maintenance and monitoring plans to ensure that wells remain functional and safe,
  • Carry out regular well inspections to detect any signs of degradation or leaks,
  • Analyze monitoring and test data to assess the condition and operation of wells,
  • Develop well repair and rehabilitation procedures in the event of failure or malfunction,
  • Coordinate with other industry professionals, such as well maintenance technicians and well inspectors, to ensure well safety and integrity.

Required skills

A well integrity engineer must have a combination of technical, analytical and interpersonal skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of well engineering: Well integrity engineers must have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of well engineering, including well design, construction, completion and maintenance.
  • Ability to solve complex problems: Well integrity engineers must be able to solve complex problems related to wellbores and associated equipment, using a methodical and data-driven approach.
  • Analytical Skills: Well integrity engineers must be able to analyze data and use modeling tools to assess the condition of wells and determine the actions needed to ensure well integrity.
  • Knowledge of Regulations: Well integrity engineers must be knowledgeable of oil and gas industry regulations and standards to ensure well compliance and safety.
  • Communication Skills: Well Integrity Engineers must be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders to explain problems, solutions, and analysis results.
  • Project Management Skills: Well Integrity Engineers must be able to manage complex projects involving multiple stakeholders and meet deadlines and budgets.

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