Main missions

The Procurement Specialist oversees the procurement process for nuclear power plants, including sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and managing supplier relationships to ensure the availability of quality products and services.

He/She evaluates supplier proposals and conducts cost and quality analysis to select the most suitable suppliers, ensuring that purchased items meet the required specifications and standards.

The Procurement Specialist collaborates with internal stakeholders, such as engineering and project management teams, to identify procurement needs, develop purchasing strategies, and coordinate procurement activities to support project timelines and objectives.

He/She monitors supplier performance, resolves any issues or disputes that arise during the procurement process, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies.

Job activities

  • Supplier Sourcing: Identify and evaluate potential suppliers, solicit bids and proposals, and select suppliers based on criteria such as cost, quality, and reliability.

  • Contract Negotiation: Negotiate terms and conditions with suppliers, including prices, delivery schedules, and payment terms, to secure advantageous contracts for the company.

  • Supplier Management: Manage relationships with suppliers, address issues or concerns, and foster collaboration to ensure smooth and efficient procurement operations.

  • Quality Assurance: Monitor and evaluate supplier performance to ensure compliance with quality standards and specifications, and take corrective actions if quality issues arise.

  • Compliance Management: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and company policies throughout the procurement process, including documentation and record-keeping.

Required skills

A Procurement Specialist in the nuclear energy sector must possess the following skills:

  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

  • Knowledge of procurement principles and practices.

  • Understanding of technical specifications and quality requirements.

  • Ability to work effectively in a cross-functional team environment.

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