Main missions

As part of their duties, they are responsible for the overall management of customer relationships. This involves establishing and maintaining regular contact with customers to understand their needs, resolve their issues, and promote the company’s products and services, particularly those related to renewable energy.

Additionally, they must coordinate various internal teams to ensure an effective response to customer demands and ensure rigorous follow-up on contracts and commitments made, highlighting the technical specifics of sustainable energy solutions.

Job activities

  • Management of current clients: Regular monitoring of clients to maintain a trusting relationship and ensure their satisfaction, highlighting the benefits of the proposed renewable energy solutions.

  • Prospecting for new clients: Identification of new prospects and development of new business opportunities, emphasizing the economic and environmental benefits of sustainable energy solutions.

  • Active listening: Attentive listening to customer needs and concerns to propose tailored solutions, taking into account the technical specifics of renewable energies.

  • Follow-up on customer requests: Rapid and efficient handling of customer requests, ensuring compliance with agreed deadlines and proposing innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy.

  • Internal coordination: Collaboration with sales, technical, and administrative teams to ensure a consistent response to customer needs, relying on in-depth knowledge of sustainable energy technologies.

  • Promotion of products and services: Presentation of company products and services and proposal of personalized offers according to customer needs, highlighting the competitive advantages of renewable energy solutions.

  • Dispute resolution: Resolution of disputes and issues encountered by customers in a professional and proactive manner, emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainable development and renewable energies.

  • Reporting: Regular reporting on commercial activity and customer satisfaction to assess performance and identify areas for improvement, highlighting the results achieved in the promotion and sale of renewable energy solutions.

Required skills

A client representative in the renewables must have the following skills:

  • Excellent communication and customer relationship skills, with the ability to explain clearly and convincingly the benefits of renewable energies.

  • Ability to work in a team and coordinate cross-functional projects, taking into account the technical specifics of different renewable energy sources.

  • Organizational skills and effective prioritization, with the ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects related to renewable energies.

  • Proficiency in computer tools and customer relationship management (CRM) software, with the ability to analyze data and provide strategic recommendations to improve customer satisfaction in the field of renewable energies.

  • Negotiation skills and ability to conclude commercial agreements, highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of sustainable energy solutions.

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