An end-to-end service with 24/7 assistance

Our multi-lingual mobilization team are experts in logistics management, immigration, and relocation, and is reachable 24/7 to ensure a constant service for your operations.


Sign assignment contract with freelance consultant, manage insurances (liabilities, health and repatriation, disability & death), induction with all policies & processes to follow, as well as tax declaration in country of operations.


Manage administrative paperwork (VISA, work permit, residence permit) in compliance with local laws & regulations. 


Manage international & local logistics from home to site, flights & accommodation booking, and meet & greet in country of operation. 


Manage freelance consultants’ payrolling and tax declaration.

Assignment follow-up

Ensure client and consultant’s satisfaction throughout the assignment, and manage any customer issues and emergencies.

  • 100%
    freelance consultants enrolled on our insurances (liability, repatriation, health)
  • 1300+
    freelance consultants contracted, mobilized and payrolled
  • 100%
    personnel employed in full compliance with local laws and legislations

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Local compliance in all our countries of operation

Our local presence in France, Algeria, Tunisia, Mozambique, Uganda, UAE and UK allow us to have a perfect understanding of the administrative requirements to mobilize your resources on the ground in full local compliance.

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Consultants’ care at the heart of our services

Our freelance experts are our greatest asset, and we are committed to providing them with the best possible experience. The mobilization team ensures a close follow up with each consultant to get all logistics ready at least 5 days prior to mobilization.



    Review freelance consultant’s compliance to Client’s requirements.Issue international & local employment contracts in full compliance with local employment & fiscal laws. Manage insurance compliance prior to mobilization (liabilities, repatriation, health).


    Manage immigration paperwork: VISAs, work permits, residency permits.


    Mobilize freelance consultant in country of operation: international & local logistics management, flights & accomodation booking, meet & greet, rotation schedule. 


    Manage international and in-country payrolling in full compliance with local employment & fiscal laws.


    Ensure client and consultant’s satisfaction throughout the assignment and manage customer issues or emergencies. 

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[Partnership] A cooperation agreement between Altea Energy and the University of Ouargla

[Partnership] A cooperation agreement between Altea Energy and the University of Ouargla

Altea Energy is pleased to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with the University of Ouargla, Algeria, on 14 December 2021, which will allow for joint local initiatives and increased efforts for the benefit of students, teachers and researchers. 

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Hot projects in November in Algeria!

Hot projects in November in Algeria!

According to the Official Website of the International Trade Administration, in terms of market size, Algeria has the tenth largest proven natural gas reserves globally, is the world’s sixth-largest gas exporter, and has the world’s third-largest untapped shale gas resources. It also ranks sixteenth in proven oil reserves and exports roughly sixty percent of its total production (e.g., 600,000 barrels per day). All of the country’s proven oil reserves are onshore.

Plenty of new job opportunities with Altea Energy this month of November in Algeria! We are currently looking for experienced personnel for oil & gas projects. Discover our selection in this article. 

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Altea Energy, an energy sector expert in compliance with GDPR with Data Legal Drive

Altea Energy, an energy sector expert in compliance with GDPR with Data Legal Drive

Interview with Nicolas Kotliar, Founder & General Manager and Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director of Altea Energy, about their collaboration with Data Legal Drive.

“Beyond any legal obligation, we were keen to protect the personal data processed by Altea Energy, which is a considerable asset as it is at the heart of the recruitment business. We wanted to treat the data of our various contacts ethically. The challenge for us was to live up to their trust, by ensuring transparent management and protecting their personal data.”

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Benefit from our global mobility services for any of your Energy project worldwide.

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