QHSE : a major challenge in Altea Energy’s development strategy

Since 2008, Altea Energy has been mobilizing consultants on the energy projects of its clients, in more than 100 countries around the world, sometimes on risky sites and in extreme conditions on land and at sea.

The QHSE procedures implemented are essential to ensure the daily satisfaction, health and safety of the consultants involved as well as Altea Energy employees.

The QHSE policy is deployed in all departments of the company, from top management to employees, and is continuously improved. Feedback on the main actions implemented by the Altea Energy team.

Risk analysis and prevention for a better quality of service

Altea Energy’s QHSE manager defines and implements the QHSE policy, analyzes and prevents risks. QHSE procedures are deployed throughout the company, in each of the subsidiaries with internal teams, customers and consultants involved.

“Internally, I support and guide our managers to identify the root cause of the problems identified in order to find effective and applicable solutions together to solve them. I would say that facilitation and collaboration are the two most important skills in my role!”, Adjira SAYAD, QHSE Manager at Altea Energy.

The legal register of applicable HSE laws is updated in all our subsidiaries on an annual basis. The Altea Energy team ensures that it has the necessary resources available to comply with the regulations in force.

Obtaining 3 ISO certifications: a collective challenge met

As part of its QHSE policy, the Altea Energy team has implemented and continuously improves procedures that meet the requirements of ISO certifications.

Altea Energy’s 6 subsidiaries are ISO certified and have the following 3 ISO accreditations: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

For our teams, consultants and clients, these certifications are the guarantee that our services meet the highest international quality standards. It is a collective work for several years that demonstrates our commitment.”, Pamela BOBILLIER, Business Transformation Director of Altea Energy.

Survey our community regularly to continuously improve processes

Altea Energy is committed to meeting the demands of its community of customers and consultants and to continuously improving its processes.

We conduct surveys to assess satisfaction, collect opinions and suggestions for improvement. These satisfaction surveys are followed by the recording of corrective action requests (CAR) and the implementation of action plans aimed at quickly resolving the issues raised.”, Pamela BOBILLIER, Director of Transformation at Altea Energy.

Each CAR is followed until its resolution, which ensures constant improvement of our procedures.

Last year, 3 audits were carried out to ensure process compliance with ISO standards and 92% of CARs were closed thanks to the team’s actions. It’s a real satisfaction!”, Adjira SAYAD, QHSE Manager of Altea Energy.

Instill the QHSE culture from top management to employees

Involving the entire team from top management to employees and raising everyone’s awareness of the QHSE culture was the priority of the Altea Energy management committee.

Among the major actions, we have set up a QHSE induction to make all new arrivals aware of QHSE issues and ISO standards, as soon as they are integrated. We also deploy an annual internal training plan with an average of 5 QHSE training sessions per year organized for everyone and we have initiated educational days on the theme of HSE, in partnership with local universities. “, concludes Adjira SAYAD, QHSE Manager of Altea Energy.

The appropriation of our QHSE culture is a pedagogical work where regularity and repetition are essential. All of these actions aim to remind everyone of the importance of QHSE procedures and our collective responsibility towards our entire community!

Discover our QHSE policy

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