Consultant’s experience at the heart of Altea Energy services

Application and selection, onboarding, international mobilization, mission follow-up, evaluation of satisfaction and follow-up of payments… all stages of the collaboration with Altea Energy are designed and continuously improved to provide the community of consultants with the best possible experience and create a lasting relationship based on professionalism, satisfaction and trust.

Yen Duong, Head of Global Support at Altea Energy discusses the strengths of the services made available to the community of consultants.

A lasting relationship with the community of consultants

When Altea Energy selects a consultant to mobilize them on a client’s project, the team focuses above all on the long-term vision of the relationship and this requires knowledge of their background, their skills and the discovery of their cultural environment.

“The relationship with our consultants is essential to be able to support them in the best possible way, to help them flourish in the missions they carry out with our clients. From time to time, they share travel anecdotes with me, stories that have marked them, sometimes even telling me about important events in their lives. Our community of consultants work in difficult conditions. They are sometimes disconnected from their families for many weeks, sometimes having a staggered schedule with night work, or quite simply are cut off from the world because of limited internet network in the middle of the desert… We meet in a professional context, but it is indeed the human relationship and the bond that we create that perpetuates our desire to work together over time.”, explains Yen Duong, Head of Global Support at Altea Energy.

Support throughout the duration of the contract 

“We are a trusted partner for our clients and for our consultants. Responsiveness and availability are essential levers in the quality of the services we provide them. When looking for the best profiles, the recruitment team ensures the perfect match between the needs of our clients and the skills of the consultants we submit to guarantee optimal mutual satisfaction,” says Eva Berton, Head of Recruitment.

The International Mobility team then takes over and advises the consultants throughout the duration of their contracts to ensure their smooth integration and unburden them of the administrative procedures inherent in their mobilization.

“We partner with leading immigration and international mobility experts in all of our countries of operation to ensure we always meet local requirements. We manage all the administrative formalities for the consultants: visas, work permits, residence permits, and renewal of immigration documents with local authorities. Our objective is to ensure that our consultants can carry out their missions with complete peace of mind and thus enable them to fully focus on their added value. This also guarantees our customers that all administrative procedures are in compliance with the laws and regulations in force.”, confirms Yen Duong, Head of Global Support.

Best in class international logistics

Altea Energy takes care of the logistics of the consultants’ travels to deploy them to the client’s project sites. Then, at the end of the rotation or the mission, everything is implemented to ensure a smooth return of the consultants to their homes. The team manages mobilizations and demobilizations, their flight bookings, their accommodation, as well as their meet & greet in the country of assignment, in order to ensure trouble free and secure travels during all rotations/missions.

“What counts in terms of transport logistics is to prepare for the unexpected. And it can happen at any time! Our digital travel management platform allows full booking flexibility for our consultants. We can modify their flight or add a new service with just one click! An agent is always available via the platform to respond to consultants and manage any flight delays, cancellations, and unexpected changes.”, concludes Yen Duong.

New services to come in 2023

As part of our continuous improvement process, Altea Energy is constantly enriching its service offer for consultants. Next innovation to be rolled out at the beginning of 2023 is around digitizing communication and transmission of information. To be continued, watch this space…

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