Altea Energy, specialized for 10 years in providing freelance consultants to the energy sector (oil, gas, renewables), recruits and mobilizes the best experts for the projects of its clients, major energy players.

Altea Energy at the service of the energy transition

The energy transition is a significant challenge for major energy groups. Altea Energy now supports players in this sector by providing technical experts who allow them to carry out their green energy projects with peace of mind. Its objective: find the skills, select the best consultant for the project, manage their contracting, mobilize them to the operational site, take care of their compliance with the local authorities and ensure the consultant’s payment after each rotation.

The projects of Altea Energy’s clients take place mainly in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and have various objectives. Already engaged in the energy transition or in the process of transition, its customers all need experts to support this transformation.

The energy players already active in renewable energies generally face growth issues: they grow rapidly and do not have the time to recruit enough internal resources to be able to deliver their projects. This is why we respond to their needs by providing them with freelance consultants available immediately, with the required technical expertise, who can be deployed on an emergency basis in the countries of operation. We run the service from A to Z so that our clients can focus on what matters most: the success of their projects.” explains Nicolas Kotliar, co-founder of Altea Energy.

Likewise, companies specializing in fossil fuels that wish to make the transition to renewable energies must face vast changes. These actors do not necessarily have the required skills internally to achieve this. Recruitment processes take time, so they turn to qualified external consultants to help them think through their energy transition strategy and carry out their green energy projects.

Accelerated digitalization of services

The energy sector faces a lag in terms of digitalization. Altea Energy therefore wishes to position itself as a partner offering innovative digital services, which will provide its customers with more transparency and flexibility in the management of consultants.

Nicolas Kotliar explains: “COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalization of the sector. Faced with the constraints linked to the pandemic, we must make life easier for our clients and allow them to save time thanks to digital technology (electronic signature, electronic filing of invoices, etc.). As for our consultants, it is important that they can have all the information about their assignments in real time through a secure portal: employment contract, visas, plane tickets, hotel bookings, emergency contacts, timesheets and expenses, payments …

For more than two years, the company has invested heavily in digital technologies. The digitalization process was started internally with the aim of increasing efficiency, and thus providing better quality of service to clients and more responsiveness to their freelance consultants needs. With the arrival of COVID-19 and the constraints implied by the crisis, the company has had to accelerate external digitalization. To do this, the teams worked on digital products to offer to clients as well as to consultants, in order to reduce the interactions that usually require being present.

“Faced with this acceleration of digitalization, we work on a daily basis to ensure that all working tools and processes are well framed and functional. Digital technology allows us to become more efficient while providing more transparency and flexibility to our customers,” concludes Nicolas Kotliar.

« Freelancization » for the benefit of energy players

In the energy sector, more and more experts have freelance status, which goes hand in hand with the challenges encountered in this industry. Indeed, a need for technical expertise is felt on complex projects. Qualified experts and rapid mobilizations are therefore required to meet the needs of these projects, which is not always compatible with internal recruitment processes.

Nicolas Kotliar and Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director, explain: “Manpower in the energy sector increasingly have independent consultants. This is linked to the fact that our business is very cyclical, as it depends in particular on the prices of raw materials. The need for personnel on projects is therefore very fluctuating. On the other hand, there is a desire on the part of the experts to have more flexibility in their work model. To go quickly and deliver better, we therefore call on independent experts. Today, there are many freelances on the market who have made careers in large companies and who want to take advantage of a more flexible system, allowing them to choose their assignments and the countries in which they will work.”

Nicolas Kotliar concludes: “The prelamination of resources is a general trend in the labor market greatly accelerated by the pandemic. This trend takes on its full meaning in a sector like ours, which requires strong technical skills and great flexibility. We are delighted to have been able to contribute to this for over 10 years.”

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