Altea Energy launches its consultant web portal

At the heart of its strategy of digitalization and improvement of the consultant experience, Altea Energy is launching a new web application at the start of the year: a secure, personalized web portal, available 24/7, allowing its community of experts to streamline communication and information sharing throughout their missions.

Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director at Altea Energy, talks about the major challenges of this project that she led in collaboration with Altea Energy business teams and the community of consultants, a project that is in line with of a global digitalization strategy initiated in 2019.

Provide the best possible experience to the community of consultants

In Altea Energy’s digital transformation plan, the year 2022 was dedicated to improving the consultant experience. At the heart of this plan, the development of a new tool: a personalized web portal which aims to provide consultants with a new digital experience and to streamline interactions with Altea Energy teams.

“The consultant portal allows us to gain in efficiency and responsiveness in the relationship with our consultants. We want to provide them with the best possible support throughout their assignments by providing them with key information in real time, such as the follow-up of their payments, the reimbursement of their expense claims and the immigration documents necessary for their travels to client sites. “, explains Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director at Altea Energy.

Streamline interactions with Altea Energy teams

The digitization of processes and the centralization of interactions in a single tool allows Altea Energy teams to reduce processing times, provide quick responses to consultants and thus improve their satisfaction.

“The system automatically sends consultants notifications when our internal teams interact with them on the portal, especially on their timesheet approval. Consultants can thus identify the reasons for refusal and interact quickly with the Altea Energy teams to correct them. Centralization in a single space is an incredible efficiency gain because it allows our administrative and financial services to provide consultants with almost instantaneous feedback, but also to give more transparency to our processes. This efficiency gain has a positive impact on the satisfaction of our consultants and is aligned with our quality challenges. “, explains Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director at Altea Energy.

Facilitate the onboarding of new consultants

The portal is also a facilitator for the induction of new consultants. During their onboarding phase, consultants are given access to their dedicated portal, which allows them to submit online the information and personal documents required for the issuance of their contract and immigration papers, in order to be mobilized as quickly as possible in their country of assignment.

“The induction of a new consultant is an essential step in order to be mobilized quickly on a client’s project. Time is often a determining factor. Some projects supply energy to entire countries. We have to be responsive. The digitalization of the entire induction process in the portal allows us to centralize all the required information for the mobilization of experts in less than 24 hours. This is a huge time saver that allows us to limit time-consuming email exchanges for everyone! “, continues Pamela Bobillier.

A strategy of service digitization initiated in 2019

The launch of the consultant portal is one of the cornerstones of an ambitious digitalization strategy for Altea Energy services, initiated in 2019.

“For several years, we have been investing massively in digitalization to grow our businesses thanks to new working tools. The objective is to automate our operational processes to reinvest time and added value in the human relationship with our employees, our customers and our consultants, and thus improve their satisfaction. “, explains Nicolas Kotliar, co-founder and General Manager of Altea Energy.

As the challenges were met, the digital transformation made it possible to involve all Altea Energy teams and was deployed in all the subsidiaries.

“We initiated our digital transformation in 2019 by overhauling our IT infrastructure with a strong focus on cybersecurity and personal data protection. We then worked with our business teams to digitize their operational processes, and thus improve their processing time by automating time-consuming and low value-added tasks. Once our internal tools were digitized and our quality processes put in place, we focused on the digitization of our services, to offer our community of consultants the best possible experience. Our digitization will intensify again this year with new challenges to be met for both our consultants and our clients! », concludes Pamela Bobillier.

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