Altea Energy undertakes its 2022 carbon assessment to measure its greenhouse gas emissions

Concerned about its environmental impact, Altea Energy has carried out its 2022 Carbon Footprint, which aims to account for greenhouse gas emissions from the activity of its 12 offices and subsidiaries, as well as from the mobilization of hundreds of consultants around the world on clients’ sites.

An impactful action aligned with its CSR strategy

Over the past 3 years, Altea Energy has been committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, based on two main pillars: sustainability and its impact on the environment. The aim of this new project is to commit the company to a process of continuous improvement in order to reduce its carbon footprint in the years to come.

As part of this approach, the first step aims to understand the items that emit the most greenhouse gases, to measure them and to define a trajectory and an action plan to reduce them.

“Controlling our environmental impact is a fundamental challenge for us. We work with major energy players and help them transform the energy landscape by carrying out renewable projects (onshore and offshore wind, hydropower, solar, etc.). We are aware of the impacts of our energy sector on climate conditions and we are keen to think about what we can implement, at our level, to help reduce our carbon emissions.“, explains Nicolas Kotliar, Founder and General Manager of Altea Energy.

A carbon footprint analysis with the Sami platform to identify CO2 emission items

Altea Energy initiated its low-carbon journey by measuring the carbon footprint of its activities across all subsidiaries. It was the Sami digital platform that caught their attention for its intuitiveness and flexibility.

“We have teamed up with Sami, a French carbon footprint expert which has developed a digital platform to simplify data collection. We uploaded all the relevant information required to measure our carbon emissions, and collected feedback from our teams, consultants and suppliers on their commitment to reduce their environmental impact. Using various sources of data to analyze our carbon footprint helped us to have a result as close as possible from reality.” explains Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director of Altea Energy.

Once the data collection was completed, Sami provided a full carbon balance sheet with the details of Altea Energy’s carbon emissions in 2022.

“Given our international activity and the numerous trips organized for our consultants, we had a fairly precise idea of ​​the main sources generating carbon emissions. We were surprised by the results as the reality is quite different from what we had in mind before doing this exercise.”, says Pamela Bobillier.

Purchase of services, IT and Trips: our 3 largest sources of GHG emissions

With a total carbon footprint of 8.678 tCO2e in 2022, 95% of Altea Energy’s carbon emissions come from 3 items: the purchase of services, IT and travel.

“We were very surprised that the purchase of services represents such a large part of our footprint (49%). While digging, we identified with the Sami experts that this was mainly due to the fact that we work with suppliers on a human scale, chosen for their high level of expertise but whose size of company does not allow them to engage in costly low-carbon strategy.

This is a real difficulty in our desire to reduce our carbon footprint because changing partners with whom we have established relationships of trust is not an option. We are considering awareness to encourage them to commit to first actions to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.”, comments Pamela Bobillier.

Now that the carbon assessment has been carried out, Altea Energy is actively working internally and with Sami’s low-carbon team to define a tailor-made action plan that can be adapted to its activity.

“Alongside the awareness of our teams on environmental and climate issues, we are also thinking about carbon offsetting the emissions generated from the business travels of our community of consultants through the sponsorship of green projects in our main countries of operation.

Other actions are also considered on the IT level, such as giving a second life to our IT equipment to associations related to our sector.

All these solutions are being studied with the Sami team. What is certain is that we are committed to reducing our emissions. We will definitely share with our community the main steps and successes of our low-carbon journey.”, concludes Pamela Bobillier.

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