[Altea Energy] How to digitalize recruitment to attract and mobilize the best energy experts?

Since 2008, Altea Energy’s mission has been to offer energy players a TaaS (Talent as a Service) model to, on the one hand, provide its customers with qualified consultants according to their needs, and on the other hand, offer professional opportunities to energy experts around the world.

To carry out its mission, the digitalization of services and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of its strategy.

Nicolas Kotliar, Co-founder and Managing Director and Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director of Altea Energy, explain the main stages of their transformation plan led by a reinforced digital team in 2024.

Digitalized “Talent as a Service” for energy players

Since 2008, Altea Energy has offered energy players an on-demand recruitment service (TaaS) for experts specialized in the energy field worldwide.

TaaS offers a more flexible approach to work: energy players can adjust their workforce according to their projects’ needs and consultants can position themselves on missions with high added value for their careers.

“Since 2019, our desire has been to go further than our historical positioning of “Talent as a Service” by offering a digital experience to all our stakeholders. After the digitalization of our business processes and the launch in 2022 of our consultant portal, our current challenges lie in the transformation of our clients’ experience, the integration of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our business processes, and the quality & integrity of our data.”, explains Nicolas Kotliar, Co-founder and Managing Director of Altea Energy.

Transform the experience of its candidates, consultants and clients

At the heart of its digital strategy, the management tools implemented since 2020 have enabled Altea Energy to integrate its business processes (sales, recruitment, mobilization, local compliance and finance) and thus bring more productivity and fluidity into carrying out the missions of each department.

“The digitalization of our business processes has been a priority for us for several years. Beyond the continuous improvement of our customers’ experience, it is also essential for the daily work of our teams located in 8 different offices in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Thanks to the digital tools implemented, we have automated repetitive tasks with low added value and thus improved productivity by +30% in our recruitment processes.

We are also seeing more fluidity and responsiveness from our teams and benefiting from better inter-subsidiary communication to provide solutions to our community of consultants and clients and collect their feedback in real time.

To meet our current challenges and deliver our digital roadmap, we are strengthening the team in 2024 with the recruitment of a new digital project manager as well as a second architect specializing in our management platform.”, specifies Pamela Bobillier, Business Transformation Director of Altea Energy.

Integrate generative AI into its business processes

The integration of AI is at the heart of Altea Energy’s digital roadmap to improve the customer experience and internal team’s productivity.

Various AI use cases have already been tested and integrated into its Applicant Tracking System, allowing the recruitment team to have access to an intelligent talent matching and predictive analysis system.

“AI offers great opportunities in our business. Some tasks are time-consuming, repetitive and without much added value for our teams. They can be automated with AI tools to allow them to focus on more creative, strategic or relational tasks, which are way more motivating. This year, our departments will be trained on artificial intelligence tools, and given concrete support on the benefits they can derive from them in their daily management.

In our test phase, we have already divided production times by 2, notably by automatically generating job descriptions to make them more attractive as well as by summarizing selected applications or CVs to contextualize them to our clients’ needs. 

These first results are promising and drive us to go further to offer the best possible experience to our consultants as well as our customers.” concludes Pamela Bobillier.

Promote user adoption and guarantee the quality and security of their data

Altea Energy’s digital transformation faces 3 major challenges: user adoption, data integrity and security.

“One of our major challenges is to develop our information systems in a logic of continuous improvement, while maintaining the adoption of our users.

It is really important to find the right balance between the constant search for productivity and the adoption of new products by our community, both internally and externally. We implement best practices to ensure their adoption at each stage: launch communications, discovery sessions & live demos and regular surveys.

Other challenges concern data, to guarantee that data integrity is maintained in a context of growth, and in a logic of risk management. When it comes to data quality, our main imperative is to enable our managers to make informed decisions based on reliable data. This involves regular updating and data auditing in the system.

As for data security and confidentiality, we manage our cyber risks on a daily basis and implement a “privacy by design” approach in order to protect the personal data of our users and thus meet GDPR requirements in all the tools we deploy.”, underlines Pamela Bobillier.

We deploy energy experts around the world

Since 2008, Altea Energy has accelerated the success of tomorrow’s energy projects by facilitating the connection between energy players and the best experts in oil & gas, renewable and nuclear sectors.

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