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Wellsite Geologist Night

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Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 2×4


Provision of Wellsite Geological Services on a continuous availability basis at the Well Site throughout the duration of the contract shall be performed in COMPANY’s operation area, and shall include, but not limited to the following activities:

The Wellsite Geologist will be responsible for performing and supervising all geological and formation evaluation activity at the rigsite. He/she will report to the Company Operations Geologist or other specifically designed by COMPANY representative. The Wellsite Geologist will also work closely with the COMPANY Drilling Supervisor to execute the COMPANY well plan as instructed by the COMPANY Operations Geologist and Drilling Engineer while meeting all expectations.

  • A Wellsite Geologist is also expected to perform quality control of third-party services and report to the COMPANY Operations Geologist on duty of any failure, bad practices, or deviations from the Geological Acquisition Program and Standard Operating Procedure.
  • The COMPANY will provide regional geological information, offset wells correlations, estimated formation tops and expected lithology.
  • Meetings and COMPANY´s Training will take place at the COMPANY office or through web via internet, before the well spuds to discuss the geological program, to be trained in COMPANY’s reporting standards as well as specific software training.
  • The Wellsite Geologist must be familiar with, and abide by, the safety rules and regulation of COMPANY and all Local, State, and Federal governments (if it proceeds).
  • The Wellsite Geologist must have a valid BOSIET, valid certificate for Norwegian Waters, CPR, First Aid and any other documents and/or certificates required by the COMPANY or regulatory agencies (if it proceeds) in the country of adherence.
  • The Wellsite Geologist is the official representative of COMPANY Geological department at the rig facility. It is expected to behave properly.
  • Trainee geologists may be present at the rigsite. For this COMPANY asks that the Wellsite Geologists kindly mentor them and involve them in the daily operations without jeopardizing his or her main duties. Also provide mentoring or training as needed to other personnel if it is required.
  • The Wellsite Geologist shall actively participate in the daily morning conference calls and daily meetings with the project and drilling representatives.

CONTRACTOR’s Wellsite Geologist shall report all concerns regarding well operations and wellbore condition to the COMPANY Operations Geologist, first, and the Company Man on location, afterwards. WSG should make recommendations to improve safety and efficiency of the operations. CONTRACTOR’s personnel shall prepare and participate in all Service Quality Meetings that will be held at COMPANY discretion.

  • It is expected that the CONTRACTOR’s personnel behave in a proactive way any improvement in the following topics, but not limited to: Reporting, Formation evaluation program, shipping process, logistics, and 3rd party personnel/unit/reports/data quality.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will supervise the rigging up of third party companies (Mudlogging, MWD-LWD, Coring, Biostratigraphy and Wireline Logging) and check the inventory of those, ensuring the existence of a backup tools and spare components as required of the third-party companies.

The Wellsite Geologist will supervise, collaborate and QAQC the work and data provided by 3rd party companies, especially the geological related services (Mudlogging, LWD, WL, Biostratigraphy, Coring, Core handling, etc). Complete Performance Evaluation of service companies at the completion of wells.

  • The Wellsite Geologist will provide guidance and feedback of the trajectory, being capable to geosteer the well, if needed.
  • The wellsite geologist will be using Company software to stablish Geological logs or making correlations.

The Wellsite Geologist must have a good knowledge of 1D pore pressure, geomechanics and shown good techniques to identify drilling issues, flow events, well instability and any other hazards that may compromise the well. The COMPANY will provide pre-driil assessment and all the necessary documents.

  • The Wellsite Geologist will be updated and will follow-up all the rig operations, failures and incidents at the rig site (related to Geology or not) and keeping the Operations Geologist on duty constantly informed.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will provide his own descriptions of the different type of samples: cuttings, cavings, SWC, core, plugs, etc and any other geological sample. assessment of the geological environment.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will develop his owns reports as per Company standards, which may include own descriptions of geological samples.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will act as a wireline witness during wireline acquisition, providing any type of advice to the Company, taking notes of any incident and possible data loss. He/She may propose data sampling points.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will supervise and manifest all shipments of the samples to the appropriate laboratory or sample warehouse (Mudlogging samples, SWC, conventional core, biostratigraphy…)
  • The Wellsite Geologist will Submit Geological Reports as per COMPANY standards on a daily basis to the Company Operations Geologist for review and approval before being distributed. Additional reports can be required by the COMPANY Operations Geologist.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will participate actively in any safety meeting at the rig site as well as follow COMPANY’s general and specific health, safety and environmental policies and procedures.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will select coring, logging and casing points according to the approved Well Program. Also, the candidate will participate in any geosteering need of the well, as well as will help to directional people to determine best landing point.
  • The Wellsite Geologist will be in control of sleeve core drilling, handling and core description during any core operation, and he/she will be making decisions about coring program.

A Final Field Report will be prepared during drilling operations and delivered to the Operations Geologist within three to five (3-5) days after finishing their duties at the rig site. If the CONTRACTOR’s Wellsite Geologist needs to have more time to finish the FWR, the COMPANY may grant some days working at the office until the report is finished.

Vacate the work site according to good oil field practices and destroy all confidential documents.

Special note

n Most of the Geological reports in Norway are done in Gravitas (HRH). The company is willing to continue with this best practice, but there is an absence of license inside COMPANY. For thus. CONTRACTOR must specify the capability and availability of getting the license of this specific software in time for the operation. Quote the same in the proper section.

n The maintenance of that software and all the IT implications will be carried on by the CONTRACTOR. If equipment is needed, then it also needs to be taking into account in proper section and

n License will be needed sometime before the operation, and some time later, upon agree with COMPANY Ops Geologist in command.


CONTRACTOR’s Geologist (also named as Wellsite Geologists) shall have a technical degree in Geology/Earth Science or demonstrate very good geological skills, which must include also well surveillance (requested well control certificate) and well logging data analysis. The candidate shall be familiar with Company Software (Geolog, Petrel, Openwells (Landmark), Gravitas (HRH) etc..).

All the candidates must to have a minimum requirement: 10years of experience as a wellsite Geologist in onshore/offshore facilities and he/she must have vast knowledge of all the following disciplines, but not limited to: drilling, coring, testing, wireline logging, logging while drilling, biostratigraphy and mudlogging. They must be able (but not limited) to QC, interpret, predict, analyse, advice from any data from 3rd party Companies. The candidate will have also updated all the certifications, especially Well control certification.

Wellsite Site Geologist JUNIOR

Junior personnel with less 10years experience will be accepted as WSG Junior and rated accordingly.

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