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Well Site Engineer

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The objective of this document is to define the roadmap of the Engineer in Development role that will be assigned to any onshore / offshore Project as WellSite Drilling Engineer.

This assignment in the position of WellSite Drilling Engineer has two clear Objectives:

  1. To accelerate the professional development of the individual in Onshore Drilling / WO Operations (30%).
  2. To provide wellsite drilling engineering support to the project according to this job description (70%).

However, to achieve the Objective 1, the engineer will conduct certain tasks and activities that will reduce the workload of the Supervisor in charge (Co. Man and Night company man) allowing him to be more focused in the Operation, improving the overall efficiency.



Well Site Drilling Engineer will provide support to the Drilling Supervisor in matter of reporting, planning, logistic, cost control, supervision of routine and critical operations, KPI follow up, performance monitoring. The Well Site Drilling Engineer will be deeply involved in HSE related activities such as Daily HSE Tour, Hazard Hunt, Stop Card analysis and follow up in collaboration with HSE supervisor and so on.


Job level Engineer in development

Duration 2 - 3 Years

Reports to Drilling Supervisor (DSV)

Work location Wellsite (Drilling RIG)

Work scheme 4 weeks ON / 4 weeks OFF


The main duties related to this position are:

1- HSE

a. Actively participate in all HSE initiatives.

b. Actively participate in the STOP program, audits, toolbox talks, promotion of safe working practices and briefing rig crews on forward plans.

c. Analysis of the STOP cards and follow up the pending actions

d. Ensure that drilling / WO operations are conducted following all Operator Safety and Environmental guidelines.

e. Work with HSE representative to maintain all files required to be on site; relative to BOP Pressure & Function tests, Diverter functions, Records of all pit/trip drills and response times, etc.

f. Acts as an HSE Ambassador to incentive the Operator HSE Culture.

2- Operational & Logistic Support

a. Assist in the preparation of drilling / WO procedures.

b. Collect and analyse well data to assist in the well planning process.

c. Master the operation reporting system and input engineering data as required. Ensure proper function of Autosync (EDM data base synchronization) with the Operator's Base and HQ. Fulfil all reporting requirements to guarantee correct functioning of Drilling / Workover corners.

d. Collate all data relating to hole cleaning, torque and drag and present it in an appropriate format.

e. Maintain the well “Activity Forecast” and update it on a regular basis with actual times taken for operations.

f. Maintain an up to date kill sheet, to be readily available in the event of a well control incident

g. Perform all calculations related to well operations, as an example but not limited to: hydraulics, LOT, kick sheet, kick tolerance, casing/tubing tallies, cementing, hole cleaning, etc. Cross-check the calculations as required.

h. Ensure the directional plot is updated by the directional driller.

i. Ensure that service companies (directional drillers, mud logging, cementing, mud, casing running…) provide the data required to properly populate Open Wells reports.

j. Check & calliper BHA components according to the BHA list/design before running it in the hole.

k. Check and grade the bit after pulling it out of the hole.

l. Maintain a summary file of “daily events of significance” for inclusion in the final well report.

m. Maintain Contractor Performance Evaluation reports and present to the Sr. Drilling Supervisor for review on a weekly basis.

n. Check IADC reports agree with the Open Well reports before the DSV signs the IADC’s.

o. Maintain inventory control and be custodian of the equipment/materials inventory. Ensure service companies provide, as a minimum, weekly inventory status updates. Review/present to the DSV after changes to the inventory.

p. Gather all data required for end of well reports.

q. Well Performance focal point onsite:

· Ensure correct functioning of Performance and KPI software (proNova). Monitor data quality.

· Set KPI targets. Monitor KPIs trends throughout the operations. Follow up consistency index.

· Evaluate potential savings by KPI. Highlight the improvement potential by operation, run, crew…

· In liaison with the Company Man, effectively communicate targets and KPI trends to all Service Companies and crews.

· Integrate KPI follow up in pre-tour meetings and a periodic Performance Review in Daily/Weekly Meetings.

r. Document and update Lessons Learnt spreadsheet for each major operational step with input from Rig team and oversight from Operations Engineer. Reviews same from previous hole sections and incorporates into future wells as applicable.

s. Maintain, “Built and Updated” well schematic.

3- Engineering Support

a. Work with Mud Engineers and Solids Control personnel for the following:

· ROP/Hole Cleaning - Perform “MAX” ROP calculations versus Flow Rate and Mud Properties.

· ECD - Compare/plot computer program calculations versus actual seen from LWD/MWD tools.

· Solids Control - Performance, usage and screen selection for optimization.

· Review Drilling Fluids Compliance to ensure compliance with EIA.

· Optimum Mud properties for cementing operations.

b. Work with Bit representative to validate the IADC Dull grading and preparation of the Hydraulic (Nozzle Selection)

c. Prepare Casing Running Tallies and space outs with oversight from Well Site Supervisor. Verify the Casing Tally prepared by Drilling Contractor and running services company. Verify the tubulars measurement.

  1. Work closely with the cementing company to double check the fluids and slurry Volumes to be pumped into the hole.
  2. Analyse ECD trends and set a daily working ECD window, advice on corrective action should ECD approach limits.
  3. Produce a “Trip Log” for use on the drill floor, indicating formation tops & type, problem zones, drilling annotations, etc.
  4. Maintain a file with all well related costs and report accurate daily and cumulative well costs. Must be familiar with service and procurement contracts to do so.
  5. Personnel Development (Learning)

a. By setting a leading example, promote and maintain a teamwork attitude between Operator, service and wellsite operations personnel.

b. Provide a language bridge to ensure any misunderstandings, which may arise between Local and Expat personnel, are satisfactorily resolved. Understand the requirements of the Optimization Process (Technical Limits).

c. Monitor performance and report accordingly, making recommendations for improvement to the DSV and office wells team.

d. Suggest engineering solutions to the DSV, which will have a positive impact on performance.

e. Maintain a formal personal record for future reference that documents the work performed on each trip, giving examples of what you have learned, calculations, diagrams, recommended procedures and practices associated with different aspects of the operation (drilling fluids, cementing, directional drilling, MWD, etc.), special operations witnessed, etc.

f. Record “Lessons Learned” and manage the wellsite register.

g. Prepare handover notes for the oncoming engineer to share all the knowledge learned during his rotation. Provide copy to the DSV. Handover notes should include ongoing operations, hole condition, any issues of concern (i.e. logistics, etc.), Open Well reporting, equipment on board and any recent safety issue.

4- Development Drilling Competences (Engineering and Operational)

The Table below summarized the main task assigned which are focused to develop the competences required of a Drilling engineer in development / junior as minimum still a Level of Knowledge: Awareness and Knowledge.

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