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Offshore Logistics Coordinator

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Contract Duration: 04 Months


Position Overview & Supervises

He/she will be coordinate and control the movement of all materials, rental and owned , chemical, waste, etc… relating to the Project operations on the assigned Platform/LWIV/MODU. Ensure compliance with established procedures, legislation and health and safety guidelines for the offshore operation.

Reports toOffshore Logistics Coordinator will report directly to the OIM of Platform and Senior Drilling Supervisor onboard the LWIV/MODU and the Logistics Team Leader.

Duties & Responsibilities

· Ultimately, act as the main company's focal point for all movements of materials and personnel to/from the Platform/LWIV/MODU via vessel or helicopter.

· Interface with the Logistics team onshore.

· Demonstrate and consistently apply the highest level of leadership in HSE standards, practices and policies.

· Ensure site safety and environmental management systems are implemented as designed and are consistent with internal policies and standards.

· Actively participate in, and continually encourage, the use of safety systems and tools while also monitoring participation / usage (safety cards, TBT, JRA, TOF, weekly walk-around etc).

· Attend morning and evening operational meetings to have the knowledge on the third party equipment and personnel movements.

· Review and comment on the proposed well Master Equipment List prepared by the Logistics onshore operations team.

· Assist the Project team with preparation of the daily 10 day lookahead (vessel and personnel movements).

· Submit the material and equipment requests to the Logistics onshore operations team after approval from the Project Team. MR’s must be accurate and contain a high level of detail on the equipment and materials being requested.

· Document control (naming and chronological order) of MR’s is critical and person must ensure good data management.

· Coordinate and compile backload manifests with the Platform/LWIV/MODU contractor and all third parties.

· Maintain a complete inventory of allompany's and third party equipment onboard (rental, purchase and consignment) based on incoming and backload manifests.

· Perform daily walkaround to visually confirm rig inventory. Absolutely critical that the Offshore Logistics Coordinator is fully aware of all company's and third party equipment onboard at all times. Person must have a good knowledge of Plug and Abandon equipment and be able to visually recognise tools.

· Ensure all rental equipment is back-loaded as soon as possible after use (discuss and confirm with Project team) in order to minimise well costs.

· Pay special attention to the movement of radioactive sources, explosives or hazardous chemicals, hazardous waste. Ensure all necessary paperwork has been completed.

· Work with the company's HSE Coordinator to ensure MSDS sheets for all chemicals shipped to the Platform/LWIV/MODU have been received.

· Perform final deck check prior to releasing any back-load vessels to ensure all manifested equipment has been loaded.

· Perform visual checks of all CCU’s to ensure certified and in good condition.

· Work closely with the Platform/LWIV/MODU contractor deck and marine crew to ensure a detailed plan is in place prior to supply vessel operations (lift priorities, deck plan etc).

· Work closely with the Platform/LWIV/MODU contractor deck and marine crew to ensure all operations are completed as per the plan / manifiest.

· Immediately notify the Project team of any discrepancies with equipment or materials arriving onboard.

· Immediately notify the Project team of any equipment not backloaded as planned.

· Immediately notify the Project team of any equipment which arrives onboard in damaged or poor condition. Any such equipment would need to be marked accordingly - both physically and on the backload manifest.

· Create passenger lists for all helicopter flights (in coordination with the Project team) and inform the Aviation coordinator of requirements.

· Responsible for incoming and outgoing mailbag via helicopter.

· Assist Project team with on-hire and off-hire consumable figures.

· Ensure correct procedures are adhered to during the transfer of fuel, water, bulks or mud.

· Issue detailed and accurate handover document to B2B prior to crew change to ensure a smooth transition.


· Valid Offshore Survival certification (e.g. BOSIET or equivalent).

· Valid Medical certification.

· Strong understanding of Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project).

· Strong understanding of the Landmark OpenWells reporting system is advantageous but not essential.

· Excellent written and oral command of the English language.

· Basic understanding of the Spanish language is advantageous but not essential.

Experience & Knowledge

· Minimum 5 years of relative industry experience (i.e. Logistics Coordinator on offshore drilling unit/Platform).

Experience working with Platform/LWIV/MODU.

Required Behaviours & Skills

· Highly focussed on HSE and Process Safety at all times.

· Highly focussed on well costs throughout the execution phase to ensure cost efficiency and reduce wastage.

· Ability to devise and execute complex plans.

· Highly organised with good data management skills.

· Team player who is approachable and actively promotes a high level of interaction across multiple disciplines.

· Good communicator who can communicate with clarity and confidence.

· Must show a sense of ownership and accountability.

· Must lead by example in terms of behaviours.

· Must behave in a professional manner at all times in order to uphold the reputation of the company.

Project Location

· Main project location will be offshore operations in Tarragona, Bilbao and Huelva.

· Person might also be required to be on-board the LWIV/MODU for the transit to the wellsite.

Work Schedule

· Work schedule will be a 21/21 or 28/28 rotation.

· Person must be willing to work up to 35 days if required in exceptional circumstances.

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