Corrosion Engineer

JOB TITLE: Corrosion Engineer

DEPARTMENT: Operations

REPORT TO: Technical Services Coordinator


WORK ROTATION: 4/4 on/off cycle


Job summary

The Client is a service company operating in the Oil & Gas sector performing work across various disciplines to support our customer's operations, maintenance, and projects. We are currently looking for an experienced Corrosion Engineer to join our technical services team.

Corrosion Engineer plays a very important role in the oil and gas sector, including corrosion assessment, corrosion mitigation, corrosion monitoring, and corrosion management activity. In addition, corrosion engines also have another task, namely calculating materials that are relevant to their quality. Ensures that all processing equipment in a drilling / oil processing facility does not malfunction due to uncontrolled corrosion rates, especially on offshore oil drilling platforms in high saline environments. A corrosion engineer determines ways to repair or prevent corrosion on industrial machinery at a manufacturing plant or infrastructure projects, such as metal bridges, oil and gas pipelines, mines, and waste management facilities. He establishes and runs a comprehensive corrosion monitoring and inspection program, produces reports and gives recommendations according to the results of the corrosion and inspection monitoring for future improvements of operation and maintenance. Able to establish advice and monitoring on all aspects of corrosion and corrosion control for the plant and field facilities. The installation of cathodic protection systems and the regular evaluation of their operation is part of his duties.

Role & Responsibilities

HSE Performance

  • Monitor that all company Safety Procedures are adhered to and identify improvements where possible.
  • Monitor field activities are executed within the Companies Environmental objectives.

Staff Performance

  • Support an environment that promotes work development and job satisfaction.
  • Support the development of other team members.

Business Integrity

  • Plan and execute all activities on a “right first-time” basis.
  • Monitor that all activities are executed in adherence to the operational procedures and identify improvements & additional procedures required.


  • Execute the activities in a cost-effective manner within the budget.

Investment & Growth

  • Provide support to projects being executed in the field.
  • On a continuous basis review the activities and identify the possibilities for improvements and application of new technologies.


  • Ensure materials and equipment are ordered in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate and keep updated all other specialist, such as GL inspectors, EL-SPT, SDC and NDT.

External Relationships

  • Report all conflicts immediately to the Field Manager.
  • Maintain good communications with the customer and contractors.

Key Qualifications

  • Corrosion monitoring using corrosion coupons and NDT data
  • Chemical processing optimization; corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, treatment of injection water and heating water (boilers water)
  • Cathodic protection; to perform and follow up all CP surveys, perform adjustments to CP systems and calculate the required internal CP S. anodes for vessels and tanks.
  • Coating inspection; to perform internal and external coating inspections, follow up and develop scope of work for coating repair and coating selection.
  • Integrity of static and rotating equipment; based on inspection data and by planning the inspection programs and strategies also follow up all the inspection data for all field facilities.
  • Experience in preparing scope of works for inspection jobs of turn rounds (SD) experience in performing external and internal inspections for pressure vessels and preparing inspection reports.
  • Also has experience in material selection, review and follow up WPS/WPQR
  • Experience and Characteristics Requirements
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering preferably with qualification in corrosion engineering.
  • 8 years’ experience in process and utilities of petroleum refineries, chemical process plants.
  • With 8-12 years of similar role experience in Oil & Gas projects (mandatory).
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills.
  • Computer literate, MS Office, MS Project etc.
  • Work Ethics
  • Demonstrated ability to work flexible hours to meet customer requirements and available for short-notice travel in support of emergency call-outs at customer sites. Exhibit an ability to work in a high conductive environment.
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