Altea Energy provides high skilled personnel for renewable energy projects

According to the International Energy Agency (WEO 2018), by 2040 the global demand for primary energy will rise by 77% compared to 2000, and Co2 emissions by 55% over the same period.

With that said, numerous questions are raised by energy professionals on how to secure an adequate level of supply, ensure environmental and economic sustainability, and ultimately meet the increasing world energy demand.

Many countries that weren’t given the chance to benefit from the Oil & Gas windfall are now becoming main actors in Renewables and need help to manage their high value projects. It is also becoming challenging for Renewable companies to find suitable and talented resources to sustain the industry’s development, especially in a young industry, where there is a lack of education on renewable energies, and a high workforce demand.

At Altea Energy, we know how hard it is to find the right skilled personnel for your projects, and how time consuming it can be to mobilize them with the level of compliance required by local authorities.

Our 10+ years of experience working on complex energy projects give us a unique knowledge on how to cope with these issues, no matter the energy source. We are thus able to offer end-to-end recruitment services to your Renewables projects, being Offshore/Onshore Wind Power, Hydropower, Solar Power or Biomass.

Indeed, between 2015 and 2019, Altea Energy supported Rainpower’s project on the rehabilitation of two hydroelectric power stations in Manica province, Mozambique.

Altea Energy provided us with expert consultants and took care of contracting, work permits, visas, payrolling and local employment taxes, providing all the support we needed”, testified Rainpower’s Project Manager.

Altea Energy team recruits and mobilizes technical consultants on low-carbon projects with strong expertise and know-how – ranging from Project Management, Procurement, Engineering, Construction & Design, Installation, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance, and Safety – and takes care of all the immigration and paperwork in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

Because client satisfaction is what fuels us, we assure our clients a cutting edge worldwide support in all their operations. “We are highly convinced that it is of paramount importance that we accompany all our customers as well as our consultants on this long and meaningful journey towards a low-carbon future.” concludes Armand Pasteur, Founder & President at Altea Energy.

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