Altea Energy contributes to safer and more sustainable oil & gas operations through its Well Integrity services

As we tackle the global climate crisis, energy production needs to move away from fossil fuels and towards greener energies such as wind, solar and hydropower, to secure a better future for next generations and save our sole precious home…Earth.

Nevertheless, the world’s rapid economic growth has contributed to the ever-increasing demand for energy. Even though renewable energies are developing at a fast pace, they are unfortunately not able to meet alone the global demand in the short term. Hence, the transition from hydrocarbons to clean energies will take a few decades to reach an ultimate target of Carbon-Neutral emission.

Well integrity contributes to reducing the environmental impact of oil & gas production

In the meantime, oil & gas operators are more and more concerned by their environmental impact and are committed to take action to reduce it. Amongst others, ensuring the integrity of their wells to avoid pollution has become a growing concern.

Hichem Souissi, Drilling Expert at Altea Energy, explains: “Well Integrity consists in constructing a well with a system of physical barriers to prevent the unplanned movement of fluid within a well and preventing unplanned release into the environment. At the surface (land, seabed, or platform), containment of the well bore fluids is normally achieved with valves and manifolds, typically comprising a wellhead and a Christmas Tree. In the downhole side, the internal leaks can occur between formations and especially the flow of hydrocarbons into water bearing zones namely aquifers.

Well Integrity issues can have a significant impact on oil & gas companies’ operations. This can include loss of production, financial loss, and reputational damage through to irreversible environmental damage and, in the worst case, loss of human life.

Altea Energy teams up with experts to provide best in class well integrity services to major oil & gas players

Globally, it is estimated that 38% of oil and gas wells are affected by well integrity issues1 and 19% of wells worldwide are shut in due to well integrity issues. This adds up to $1 Billion a day of lost revenue.2

In this context, Altea Energy has developed, since 2016, a service dedicated to « well integrity » that helps oil & gas companies maintain the integrity of their wells.

Altea Energy teamed up with the best well integrity experts in the industry with two main missions:

  • ensure well integrity during well design and construction, and
  • manage well integrity throughout the remaining well life thereafter.

Hichem Souissi continues: “Altea Energy’s well integrity experts intervene throughout the life cycle of the well, starting from the initial well design to the drilling and production, until the plug and abandonment of the well. With only one goal in mind: the protection of the environment and the safety of workers on site.”

Altea Energy provides Well Integrity services in full compliance with ISO international standards

An increasing number of producing fields are exhibiting late life symptoms like aging well stocks, high water cut, and flow assurance issues, which can all lead to well integrity issues such as high casing pressure, mechanical failures, or corrosion problems. Many gas fields report high CO2 and H2S content which can be challenges for pipe metallurgy and reliability.

To support its clients in these technical and complex issues, Altea Energy has implemented an environmental management system ISO 14001(EMS) as well as an occupational health and safety management system (OH&S MS) ISO 45001 in order to ensure the highest quality and security of service when performing well integrity interventions.

Armand Pasteur, President at Altea Energy, concludes: “As a leading provider in well integrity management in the north Africa region, Altea Energy’s objective is to make sure its clients and partners’ provide confidence that risks are understood and compliant with oil and gas standards and regulations”.

*Sources: 1. BP Statistical Review of World Energy, 2010/US EIA, 2009/OTM Consulting, 2011 2. US Minerals Management Survey, 2004.

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