Main missions

The role of the Drilling Superintendent is crucial in ensuring the safe, efficient, and successful drilling of oil and gas wells.

Job activities

  • Operational Planning: Drilling Superintendents are involved in planning drilling operations from start to finish. This includes selecting drilling locations, developing drilling programs, and setting project schedules.

  • Supervision: They supervise drilling teams and crews, ensuring that drilling activities are carried out in accordance with safety standards, regulations, and best practices.

  • Safety and Compliance: Drilling Superintendents prioritize safety and environmental compliance. They are responsible for ensuring that all drilling activities meet or exceed safety regulations and environmental standards.

  • Resource Management: They manage and allocate resources, including personnel, equipment, and materials, to ensure that drilling operations are adequately supported and that projects stay within budget.

  • Problem Solving: Drilling Superintendents are often faced with complex challenges during drilling operations. They need to quickly identify and address issues to prevent delays and ensure project success.

  • Quality Control: They oversee quality control measures to ensure that the drilling process meets quality and performance standards. This includes monitoring drilling parameters and conducting tests as needed.

  • Communication: Effective communication is essential. Drilling Superintendents liaise with various stakeholders, including engineers, geologists, regulatory agencies, and company management, to provide updates, address concerns, and report progress.

  • Budget Management: They are responsible for managing drilling budgets, tracking expenses, and making cost-effective decisions to keep projects on budget.

  • Emergency Response: In the event of unexpected situations or emergencies, such as well blowouts or equipment failures, Drilling Superintendents are responsible for implementing emergency response plans to protect personnel, assets, and the environment.

  • Documentation: They maintain detailed records of drilling activities, safety protocols, and performance metrics. Proper documentation is essential for compliance, reporting, and post-project analysis.

Required skills

A Drilling Superintendent in the oil and gas sector must have the following skills:

  • Drilling Expertise: A deep understanding of drilling techniques, drilling equipment, and associated procedures is essential for effectively planning and supervising drilling operations.

  • Project Management: Strong project management skills, including planning, resource allocation, scheduling, and budget management, are necessary to coordinate complex drilling operations.

  • Safety: An unwavering commitment to safety is crucial in the oil and gas industry. Skills in risk management and the ability to implement safety protocols are essential.

  • Leadership and Team Management: The ability to lead and motivate a team of drilling professionals is fundamental to ensuring that operations proceed efficiently and safely.

  • Communication: Communication skills are necessary to interact with various stakeholders, including drilling teams, engineers, geologists, and regulators. Clear and effective communication is essential for coordinating activities and ensuring compliance.

Mission offers

Drilling & Reservoir
Posted 13 days ago

Well Superintendent

Oil & Gas Upstream
ID : 3184

We are currently looking for an experienced well superintendent for an offshore deepwater project in Angola, for 8-12 months, starting asap. The Well superintendent will be responsible for follow up of all completion operations and ensuring the operations are performed safely. The challenge is to optimize operation performance and reach budget objectives fully achieving all well productivity and development goals within a high safety and environment awareness level.

Drilling & Reservoir
Posted 20 days ago

Night Company Man

Oil & Gas Upstream
ID : 3171

We are looking for a Night Company Man to manage the drilling operations that occur during the night shift.

Operations & Production
Posted 2 months ago

Drilling Superintendent

Oil & Gas Upstream
ID : 3114

The Drilling Superintendent is accountable for planning and executing all aspects of the drilling program; the health and safety of all personnel, and protection of the environment.

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