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Subsea Inspection Engeneering Services

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The scope of the SERVICE consists in ensuring inspection of subsea facilities (FPSO/OLT Buoy Hulls, subsea wells, manifolds, flowlines, sealines, riser towers, flexible risers…) in compliance with the company integrity policy.

This SERVICE requires liaison between Company entities and Contractors for the preparation and execution of the Inspection Plans.


  • Compile and maintain an up to date register for subsea production facilities (subsea wells, manifolds, flowlines, sealines, riser towers, flexible risers…) and floating units (FPSO/OLT Buoy Hulls).
  • Prepare the Inspection Plans (written scheme of inspection) for this equipment in compliance with the client integrity policy and Company Rules.
  • Issue the procedures and task plans of intervention for subsea inspection and monitoring activities.
  • Manage the Inspection Plans scheduling with the dedicated Data Base (CMMS SAP system, CREDO…).
  • Schedule the subsea inspection operations in relation with Offshore subsea supervisors and DT/SUB.
  • Supervise the subsea inspection operations on Site (FPSO, Support Vessels and Yards). Ensure that Inspections and Non-Destructive Testing are fully implemented by contracted companies in compliance with the relevant Safety Rules, Inspection Plans and Technical Procedures.
  • Ensure that cathodic protection monitoring program is fully implemented and assess the results.

Report the inspection findings (equipment condition, observations, measurements) with pre-defined Inspection Reports and dedicated Data Base (CMMS SAP, CREDO…).


  • Assess the accuracy of the inspection results and analyze the inspection findings.
  • Propose corrective or preventive actions (modification of inspection plan, material selection, design of equipment, coating, cathodic protection, operating conditions, corrosion inhibition…).
  • Issue the recommendations for maintenance actions or interventions using the dedicated Data Base (CMMS SAP, CREDO…) and ensure they are completed with the adequate level of priority.
  • Ensure that repair / modifications / procurement of equipment comply with the relevant company rules, technical specifications, codes and norms.

Issue or analyze the formal feedback (REX) and propose evolution of the the company subsea integrity policy in order to take it into account.


  • Prepare the OPEX budget regarding subsea asset inspection operations.

Ensure the coaching for 1 or 2 junior subsea inspectors.

REQUIRED SKILLS for the execution of the SERVICE

  • Engineer MSc or equivalent. Familiar with subsea equipment, process control and hydro-electric system
  • Conversant with CMMS SAP (maintenance inspection module).
  • Be certified CSWIP 3.4U or equivalent
  • Experience 5/10 years in subsea operations including inspection activities (Diving and ROV).
  • Experience in Engineering / Projects regarding oil & gas subsea facilities and deep offshore.

Fluent French and English, Portuguese will be a plus.



NBThe scope may vary slightly to adapt position to company requirements.

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