Réf : 3028

Embedded within a partnered organization with overall responsibility for expatriate security and ensuring compliance with Client security standards. Working alongside the national security structure in a supportive manner while coordinating with other Client operations. Reporting operationally to the structure head and functionally to the OLM.


  • Provide the point of reference for the senior Client representative on site for advice on security matters. 
  • Cultivate good working relationships with peers, national staff and management.
  • Audit, monitor and test existing security systems to ensure operability and compliance with Client standards.
  • Provide both dynamic and regular risk assessments as required.
  • Assist in security planning and development.
  • Maintain oversight of expatriate movements.
  • Through networking, internal monitoring and open source means develop an excellent standard of situational awareness both local and regional.
  • Positively influence the security culture by means of briefings, Hostile Environment Training and drills.
  • Assist as required in a crisis response situation at both strategic and operational levels.
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Responsable Recrutement

Ces dernières années, nous avons investi dans la digitalisation de notre processus de recrutement afin que nos recruteurs puissent dédier plus de temps aux échanges qualitatifs avec les candidats sélectionnés. Nous avons également repensé notre page Offres de mission sur le site web pour faciliter la recherche de missions et les candidatures. Toute l'équipe Recrutement a à cœur d’offrir la meilleure expérience possible à nos candidats.