GHG Emissions Specialist

Réf : 2662


In collaboration with the centralized Operations & GHG team (Technical E&P), IT, Digital and Business Units/assets teams, the candidate will be responsible for the following activities:

·      Assessment of the “as is” in terms of data quality and systems to raise the inventory of GHG emissions and reporting

·      Enhancement of the implementation of GHG emissions dashboard within IAMS

·    Deployment of the Governance of GHG emissions data required to ensure the quality and traceability of the data reported

·      Conceptualization of the GHG Emissions Digital solutions visualized within the client's 2nd Digital Wave:

˗       Descriptive Emissions Analytics

˗       Emissions forecast analysis

˗       Emissions reduction opportunities

˗       GHG emissions and energy consumption optimization

˗       Methane surveys optimization

·      Ensure the participation of the asset teams early in the conceptualization

·      Management of stakeholders within the organization

·    Participation in the technical evaluation of the solutions to ensure a good alignment with the business functionalities required

·      Propose the development of the MVPs to get approval from the Sponsors committee or shark tank.

·      Support as product owner the development of MVPs and scale-up of the digital solutions conceptualized and approved. Particularly, support the definition of data sources, KPIs and dashboards required, business processes and workflows, and change management plans


At least 5 years-experience working on: 

·      Product Owner of digital solutions for Oil & Gas, Refining or Chemical industry

·   Oil & Gas, Refining or Chemical industry with knowledge about the processes happening in the assets

·      Understanding of opportunities for GHG emissions reduction of the Oil & Gas business and energy efficiency

·   Understanding of standards and best practices related to the GHG inventory and reporting of GHG emissions (sources, what to measure, how to measure, frequencies, technologies)

·      Using KPIs and dashboards to enable business decision-making

·   Communication skills as POs constantly communicate with the technical lead, development team and business team to maximize product value and address issues during the early stages of development

·      Analytical skills as PO analyze various issues and find workable solutions as quickly as possible. They identify, collect and analyze information to solve complex problems and make decisions based on their logical conclusions.

·      General technical skills in the Oil & Gas business, that will complement the analytical skills, applied to the business, particularly those that are related to GHG and may influence the concept and the final quality of the product: process, mechanical, instrumentation, operations, etc. 

·      Decision-making. This skill is essential to the role both in small daily choices and in pivotal decisions.

·      Project Management to define a product vision, order backlog items, prioritize them, control the development process, and close it when the project has finished.

·      Leadership. POs bring vision to the team and sponsors.

·      Conflict resolution to solve internal conflicts within the team and with other teams.

·    Time management as digital products are time-sensitive, so product owners must adhere to deadlines. PO keeps the team on track by delegating tasks and providing updates to the business team. If the team encounters an obstacle that interferes with their ability to meet a deadline, the product owner can work with the business and stakeholders to find a solution

·      Data Management skills: BBDD, PowerQuery, PowerBI, etc

·      Fluent in English

·      Good enough in commonly used software to prepare documents and presentations

·   Digital skills: Basic knowledge about data governance, monitoring, digital solutions development, product architecture, advance analytics, artificial intelligence, scrum and agile development methodologies, user experience principles and product backlog management

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