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Procurement Manager

Réf : 2780

1- Procurement of indirect purchases


  • Analyze the needs of the client: expectations, stakes, objectives, potential risks, history of the request, co-write the specifications, co-determine the provisional budget
  • Search for suppliers in your market, use the internal database, audit new candidates, ask for quotes from RFQs, quantify the expected financial performance
  • Negotiate with suppliers about contractual clauses and drafting it with legal department
  • In coordination with contract owner, monitor the progress of the intervention, the quality of the deliverables


  • Monthly basis


  • Signed contracts / services order
  • Updated the contract register 

2- Budget planning and control


  • Liaise with contract owner to ensure that payment are not exceeding contract amount for each reforecast.


  • Reforecast : quarterly, depending on finance requirements.


  • Reforecast budget file up to date.

3- Contract control


  • Control of legal risks (bargaining offence, intellectual property law, obligation of advice, confidentiality, etc.).
  • Ensure that suppliers complete and respect the necessary formalities for international secondement and to comply with French regulations.


  • Before each contract signature and whenever required by law.


  • Establish a dedicated register and ensure its update

The consultant shall be sufficiently qualified in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint,
  • Budget planning, control and reporting,
  • Professional English,
  • Procurement of intellectual services – well know the regulation for this type of contracts
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Responsable Recrutement

Ces dernières années, nous avons investi dans la digitalisation de notre processus de recrutement afin que nos recruteurs puissent dédier plus de temps aux échanges qualitatifs avec les candidats sélectionnés. Nous avons également repensé notre page Offres de mission sur le site web pour faciliter la recherche de missions et les candidatures. Toute l'équipe Recrutement a à cœur d’offrir la meilleure expérience possible à nos candidats.