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Procurement Manager

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1- Procurement of indirect purchases


  • Analyze the needs of the client: expectations, stakes, objectives, potential risks, history of the request, co-write the specifications, co-determine the provisional budget
  • Search for suppliers in your market, use the internal database, audit new candidates, ask for quotes from RFQs, quantify the expected financial performance
  • Negotiate with suppliers about contractual clauses and drafting it with legal department
  • In coordination with contract owner, monitor the progress of the intervention, the quality of the deliverables


  • Monthly basis


  • Signed contracts / services order
  • Updated the contract register

2- Budget planning and control


  • Liaise with contract owner to ensure that payment are not exceeding contract amount for each reforecast.


  • Reforecast : quarterly, depending on finance requirements.


  • Reforecast budget file up to date.

3- Contract control


  • Control of legal risks (bargaining offence, intellectual property law, obligation of advice, confidentiality, etc.).
  • Ensure that suppliers complete and respect the necessary formalities for international secondement and to comply with French regulations.


  • Before each contract signature and whenever required by law.


  • Establish a dedicated register and ensure its update

The consultant shall be sufficiently qualified in the following areas

  • Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint,
  • Budget planning, control and reporting,
  • Professional English,
  • Procurement of intellectual services - well know the regulation for this type of contracts
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