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Geosteer Personnel Day

Réf : 2992

Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 4×4


  • Personnel shall be capable of working together between different teams and internal departments (Drilling, Reservoir, Petrophysicist, Purchase, Legal, Logistics, HSE) the planning and execution of the Geological acquisition.
  • Personnel will review or create procedures and protocols to be used during geogsteering during drilling operations.
  • Geosteering personnel will following up drilling activities from the Office and/or the rigsite if it is required.
  • If Geosteering personnel is located offshore, Geosteer personnel will report to the Wellsite Geologist and COMPANY DSV. The Geosteering personnel will work closely with the COMPANY Drilling Supervisor, wellsite geologist, 3rd party MWD-LWD to execute the COMPANY well plan as instructed by the COMPANY Operations Geologist and Drilling Engineer while meeting all expectations.
  • If working offshore, all the requirements to Wellsite Geologist position will be applicable.
  • Personnel shall perform goal-oriented post-drill analysis and effectiveness of the geosteering operations and the service geological reports.
  • Geosteering personnel shall Mentor new professionals from the Company if it is needed.
  • Vacate the work site according to good oil field practices and destroy all confidential documents.


  • CONTRACTOR’s Geosteering personnel shall have 15 years of working previous experience as wellsite geologist, operations geologist, directional personnel or any other related positions at oil industry.
  • Geosteering personnel must have very good geo-steering knowledge, skills and well placement.
  • Personnel shall be able to plan well position or to provide feedback of current one to achieve the objectives of the COMPANY and being efficient in time and money.
  • Personnel shall be familiar with COMPANY ‘s modelling tool (Petrel nowadays) for planning, following drilled well path and updating the Geomodel as needed. Also Personnel shall have comprehensive software skills.
  • Personnel shall have good communication skills to provide either feedback to 3rd party representatives or COMPANY’s one. It is expected to have fluent communication with the rig and with office personnel, so previous experience is valuable.
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