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Drone Specialist

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Ø Role description

  • looking for someone that could help to define operational requirements, analyze the different options (sensors, drones, UVs, satellite, etc) in the market to select possible commercial solutions attending the requirements, oversee the data acquisition, data processing and information visualization, as well as integration with corporate softwares (ArcGIS, SAP, etc).
  • The idea is to work with providers and also with proprietary drones of Repsol in order to make tests, workout feasibility analysis (technical, economical, HSE and legal), and facilitate strategies for the internal adoption of the drone service technologies in Repsol for different use cases (visual inspections of working conditions, integrity inspections, methane emissions detection, right of ways inspections, etc). The person will need to interact with E&P assets (operational teams) and followup tests on site.
  • The ultimate responsibility of building/deploying any software solution is on assigned IT team, who has a project leader and includes different expert profiles (internal and external) as requested by the needs of the digital project. The resources we are hiring will assume responsibilities that belongs to the client E&P business, within the E&P Technical team, which has the responsibility of product owner: ensure alignment with E&P strategies, visualization of opportunities based in operational needs and state of the art analysis, issuing requirements and challenges to IT in coordination with the E&P assets and responsible of disciplines (eg: Maintenance, Production Operations, GHG, etc)
  • ensure alignment with E&P processes and regulation, provide technical inputs and clarifications to IT when needed, ensure a coordinated correct test plan of the developed digital products and execute it, participating actively in the tests when needed, conduct/coordinate/validate feasibility studies (technical, economical, HSE, legal) when required, follow-up plans and approve/reject IT deliverables, propose scale up plans to be aligned with IT, establish, approve, execute (when needed) and followup the change management plans in the E&P assets, etc, monitor de adoption of the tools and propose modifications to the way of working and norms/procedures, define and establish information quality controls, prepare dashboards for monitoring activities and KPIs, and coordinate/provide manual inputs to the tool in some cases, revise user manuals, etc.
  • Support to visualization, conceptualization, definition, and execution of digital project for feasibility analysis of industrial E&P services for different use cases (inspections, Lidar, emissions, etc) based on UAV technologies such as industrial drones, autonomous fixed wing aircraft, etc.

· Support to identify and deploy opportunities for digitization of field operations based on the connected worker concept.

Ø Specific Skills

· English (high level) and Spanish (high level) are required. Participation in similar projects and specific courses on the above-mentioned topics will be valued

Ø Experience

· Proven experience in digital projects for the energy or industrial sector related to the implementation of operational services based on the following cases detailed below.

· Technical knowledge of the solutions and their market is required, as well as experience in conducting technical-economic feasibility studies, adaptation of standards, processes, and workflows, change management, integration with other solutions and business systems.

· Technologies supported by drones, UAVs, satellite, etc. for different use cases (roadway inspections, pipeline and plant integrity, emissions, 3D survey of facilities, safety and HSE inspections, etc.).

· Digital technologies associated to improve the efficiency of oilfield works, based on remote solutions embedded in the Connected Operator concept, allowing to improve the integration between field and office.

Ø Academic training

· Physicist, Industrial Engineer or equivalent

Ø Working schedule

· This position can work remotely most of the time. However, it could be necessary to attend some face-to-face meetings at Company’s offices located in Madrid

· It is necessary that the person is available for meetings between 15:00 and 19:30, due to the time difference with Repsol assets

· This position is being requested at part-time, estimating a weekly time dedication of 35% (hourly rate shall be quoted in section 4 document)

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