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The scope of the SERVICE consists in:


– Respect of the Angolan laws and regulations.

– Promote HSE leadership and compliance for me, for you, for all.

– Apply the company's HSEQ One Maestro, Golden Rules, Company Rules, policies & procedures in his daily job.

– Liaise closely with lofting and BV team for the conformity of CCUs cargoes

Equipment and material preparation:

Manage the Drilling Wells material team in the Sonils base (Drilling material Coordinator, drilling fluid technician, warehouse technician) and all the aspects of the Drilling and Wells equipment preparation such as:

– Coordination of the reception of the Drilling & Wells goods in the stock.

– Report as soon as possible any defects or damages to the procurement TADM (Method Drilling engineer), to the Head of MQS, to the head of logistic base by taking pictures and issuing a formal report that could be used for a future claim to the transporter

– Control of the material requirement upon the reception of the Material Requisition from the superintendent and coordination of an equipment preparation plan accordingly.

– Preparation and readiness of the equipment in the most effective way from TEPA Stock Yard and Warehouses (casings, tubing, container loading of material from Total stock , chemical products and pipes spare parts) to deliver to DT/LOG/OL/MER in order to avoid any offshore Rig standby (DA, Manifest, freight weight bill…)

– Ensuring a permanent contact with Rig superintendents to inform them about the preparation work status at Total pipe yards and by Drilling Service Contractors;

– Reception of returned equipment’s from offshore and ensure proper re-inspection in order to reintegrate in SAP system if they are OK after re-inspection. Segregate the damaged repairable joint and consolidate/update a list to be provided to the procurement TADM (Method Drilling Engineer) and head of MQS on a monthly basis.

– Coordination of transportation from TEPA storage sites to Drilling Service Companies for Transfer, Work Services & returns

– Coordination and control of the delivery in and out of the service company equipment

– Supervision of the Stock Transfer Request ("Demande de Transfert de Stock- DTS") and Work & Services Requests (" Demande de travaux et Services");

Stock management:

Manage the Drilling Wells material team in the Sonills base (Drilling material Coordinator, drilling fluid technician, warehouse technician) and all the aspects of the Drilling and Wells stock management such as:

– Ensure the proper purchase requisition and re-integration of the stock equipment in due time

– Provide a SAP stock inventory list to the TDAM on request (OCTG, UC equipment, Schlumberger LC, Float equipment, Centralizer, Weatherford ESS…)

– At least every 3 month, perform a stock control exercise by comparing the SAP stock to the physical stock fo OCTG, UC equipment, Schlumberger LC, Float equipment, Centralizer, Weatherford ESS…

– At least every 2 weeks, performed coordination meeting with the TADM and work on the OCTG consumption comparison exel file between SAP and wellview and plan some action s of regularization accordingly.

– Ensure Good coordination and communication with all stock management actors (TADMs, LOG, ACT, Service Company, completion superintendent)

– Go to Metroeuropa total base at Viana to identify equipment needed to be sent to offshore.

– When tubular reparation decision and the corresponding memo and PO have been issued, he organized the logistic to deliver the tubular to the chosen service provider (NOV, Franks, Spie or Weatherford according to the need), liaise with QAQC for inspection and supervise the process until the final reintegration in stock

– Follow stock of the equipment’s stored at our drilling warehouse and advice the engineer to refill the stock when needed.

– Establish equipment list of dead stock or non-repairable equipment and submit it as candidate for scraping

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