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Survey Engineering Services

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Scope of the SERVICE

The performance of the SERVICE shall consist on the achievement of the following:

  • Ensure that the facilities are in compliance with the specification of HSE of the client
  • Ensure that the HSE rules are respected by giving example and professionalism. Reports all anomalies
  • Ensure the validity of HSE certificates of all personnel at Site (Medical Certificate, BST, HUET, …)
  • Maintain support on geodesy, topography, charting, survey and positioning for all affiliate’s entities.
  • Maintain technical watch on Survey specialty.

Maintain experience feedback to the headquarters.

Technical activities

  • Define survey systems and equipment required for all positioning activities (drilling, installation, metrologies…),
  • Prepare the survey & mapping elements in connection with operations conducted by the affiliate,
  • Select and plan with contractors the resources required to ensure these operations, follow up of contractor equipment and personnel
  • Organize supervision and QA/QC for all positioning, inspection survey and metrology operations
  • Ensure the technical & operational support to vessels in dynamic positioning in particular during mobilization & calibration sequences,
  • Update charts and databases for exploration, development and production installations on regular basis
  • Ensure technical management of existing positioning and metrology contracts, follow-up corresponding costs,
  • Get involved into contracts establishment,
  • Participate to meetings with local authorities,
  • Be the key contact for COMPANY and COMPANY’s headquarters for positioning activities, geodesy, charting, topography and survey taking place in the affiliate,

Follow-up and manage training of Junior Surveyors.

Required skills

  • Manage interface with major Survey Contractors, from different cultures,
  • Anticipate and manage numerous required contacts within the COMPANY (all COMPANY’s entities and all COMPANY’s headquarters DGEP/EXPLO & DEV entities) and with the survey COMPANY’s contractors,
  • Technical knowledge to reinforce Management position with subordinates (often experienced contracted personnel) and Survey Contractors, especially in technically innovative fields,
  • Knowledge on most relevant equipment, technologies or techniques: Surface and Deep water positioning, ROV, interfacing, R&D,
  • Knowledge of most CAD and GIS software,
  • Manage complex and numerous interfaces, with entities as well as other affiliates or even partners and local authorities,

Experience (years): 5 minimum as Surveyor on Offshore oil industry.



NBThe scope may vary slightly to adapt position to company requirements.

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