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Operations Liaison Coordinator (OLC)

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Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 4×4


The main task of the OLC is to ensure the protection and security of the client's expatriates in Algeria. Under the direction of the Algeria Security Manager (ASM), he/she will manage the protection of expatriates and visitors to the project facilities.


OLC responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Assist the ASM in planning, management and control of security

• Execute other actions related to the planning, control and management of security commended by the ASM.

• Assist the ASM in the administrative work.

• Execute the responsibilities assigned in the client's Security Plan.

• Assist the ASM in the budgets planning, management and control.

• Report to the ASM on the security situation.

• Prepare the daily POB of the company's personnel.

• Register and report to the ASM all security incidents, carrying out proper investigations.

• Keep updated the inventory of security equipment and ensure proper maintenance.

• Keep contact with the ASM and security coordinators in Algiers, sharing information that can help to prevent security incidents.

• Comply with all standards, policies and instructions of the Repsol HSE department.

• Impart Security Induction to new expatriates upon arrival.

• Manage and conduct additional security related training for employees, when needed.

• Under the direction of the ASM, execute the planning and control of expatriates’ movements within the country.

• Keep continuous track of all expatriate’s location.

• Coordinate the security with the SIE (Sécurité Interne et Externe)

• Coordinate all movements with the SIE to ensure the availability of necessary escorts.

• Assist the SIE in all security-related tasks.

• Under the direction of the ASM, manage the Security Emergency Response Plan.

• Review and keep up to date the company's Security Plan and the company's Expatriates Evacuation Plan.

• Conduct security drills as detailed in the GRN Security Plan and GRN Expatriates Evacuation Plan.

• Coordinate periodic tests of emergency and evacuation alarms.


• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in public or private security forces.

• Previous experience such as OLC or similar is desirable.

• Medium - high level (equivalent to CEFR level B2, or above) of Arabic and/or French, plus English and/or Spanish.

• User-level knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Teams).

• HEAT Training (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) certified. Experience as instructor is desirable.

• First aid training certified. Experience as instructor is desirable.

• Training in evasive driving /technical driving techniques in hostile environment certified. Experience as instructor is desirable.

• Knowledge in security risk assessment and management methodologies (HAZID, Mosler, others).

• Training and experience in crisis and emergency management is desirable.

• Negotiation and conflict management skills.

• Ability to manage relationships with third parties and communities

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