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Operated Asset Offshore Logistics Coordinator

Referencia : 3041


• Exhibit a sound knowledge of discipline, the organization's systems, and provide a satisfactory level of competence in identified behaviors and skills required.

 • Work independently, provide recommendations on local/regional issues and work/interact with other internal/external departments.

• Initiate planning, organizing and prioritizing.

• Provide guidance within area of expertise and receive direct supervision.

• Exhibit strong teamwork, attention to details and problem solving skills.

• Highly focussed on cost efficiency.

 • Ability to devise and execute complex plans.

• Highly organised with good data management skills.

 • Team player who is approachable and actively promotes a high level of interaction across multiple disciplines.

• Good communicator who can communicate with clarity and confidence.

• Willingness to assist and coach others to ensure knowledge growth and professional development. • Must show a sense of ownership and accountability.

 • Must always behave in a professional manner to uphold the reputation of the company.



• Contribute in ensuring compliance with both regulations and company procedures, and handle non conformities as required.

• Identify risks to people and the environment, and mitigate them so they are as low as reasonably practicable.

• Proactively identify ways to continuously improve HSE performance.

• Stop any job that may harm people or the environment.

• Transfer experiences, good and bad, which could lead to continuous improvement of HSE performance.

• Conduct him or herself in a manner which safeguards his/her own and his/her colleagues' safety and health

• Ensure his/her actions do not compromise the Company's procedures for safeguarding the environment

• Perform duties safely in accordance with instructions, procedures and training

• Operate equipment within the limitations contained in the Rig's Operations Manual, paying attention to correct working procedures/practices

• Participate in drills and exercises as a member of an Emergency Team.




• Responsible for the Operations / Production Logistics and Warehouse Management, the operations of Material Management System and maintain warehouse inventory within established levels.

• Reports to: Marine Section Leader;

 • Inform to: Logistics Lead, Onshore Logistics Coordinator.




Include but are not limited to the below:

• Perform other work as directed within skills and competencies.

 • Emergency responsibilities as per Station Bill.

• Managing the warehouse and keeping track of stockholdings.

• Ensuring that all equipment, spare parts, and materials in the storage rooms are stowed properly and safely.

 • Preparing requisitions for spare parts and materials based on established minimum stock limits.

• Checking requisitions for equipment and materials issued by others.

• Following up on the delivery of all equipment spare parts, and materials ordered.

• Inspecting all shipments upon delivery on board and report any discrepancies

• Ensuring correct preparation of shipping documents/manifest for all equipment and materials being sent ashore.

• Ensuring with Procurement that insurance coverage exists for all shipments.

 • Performing full inventory checks at least 4 times per year.

 • Maintain accurate records of ordered, received and outstanding requisitions for all equipment and parts ensure all hazardous and non-hazardous material and or wastes are adequately labelled and manifested before being sent ashore.

 • Housekeeping of the warehouse is up to proper standard.

 • Conduct a physical inspection of all goods and material bought from our major assembled equipment suppliers – e.g. GE, NOV, MHWirth, etc. If visible trace of single equipment unit supplier (manufacture), it has to be registered in our master data through a CMT case, Update of Manufacture.

• Responsible for the safe and efficient execution of duties in accordance with the Management System, instructions and training within Maersk Drilling (MD).final project reports to ensure the knowhow is registered and can be shared.

• Ensure correct use of the Company provided logistics system KABAL and ensure planning is correct. • Work closely with the Onshore Logistics Coordinator to ensure the coordination between the vessel/helicopter schedule accordingly to the material/equipment movements necessities.

 • Actively participate in, and continually encourage, the use of safety systems and tools while also monitoring participation / usage (safety cards, TBT, JRA, TOF, weekly walk-around etc).

• Attend morning and evening operational logistics meetings to have the knowledge on the third party equipment movements. 

Create Material Request (MR) forms and submit to the logistics onshore operations team. MR’s must be accurate and contain a high level of detail on the equipment and materials being requested.

 • Document control (naming and chronological order) of MR’s is critical and person must ensure good data management. • Coordinate and compile backload manifests with the rig contractor and all third parties.

• Perform daily walkaround to visually confirm rig inventory. Absolutely critical to be fully aware of all client and third party equipment onboard at all times. Person must have a good knowledge of equipment and be able to visually recognise tools.

• Ensure all rental equipment is back-loaded as soon as possible after use to minimise well costs.

• Pay special attention to the movement of radioactive sources, explosives or hazardous chemicals. Ensure all necessary paperwork has been completed.

• Work with client HSE Coordinator to ensure MSDS sheets for all chemicals shipped to the rig have been received.

• Perform final deck check prior to releasing any back-load vessels to ensure all manifested equipment has been loaded.

• Perform visual checks of all CCU’s to ensure certified and in good condition.

• Work closely with the rig contractor deck and marine crew to ensure all operations are completed as per the plan / manifest.

• Immediately notify the team of any discrepancies with equipment or materials arriving onboard.

• Immediately notify the team of any equipment not backloaded as planned.

 • Immediately notify the team of any equipment which arrives onboard in damaged or poor condition. Any such equipment would need to be marked accordingly – both physically and on the backload manifest.

• Assist DSV team with on-hire and off-hire consumable figures.

 • Issue detailed and accurate handover document to B2B prior to crew change to ensure a smooth transition.

• Cooperate & coordinate closely with: Onshore Logistics, MSL, Crane operator, Storekeeper, Offshore Operation Planner, Offshore 3rd Party Service Personnel and Onshore Logistics Duty Personnel

• Gather lessons learned and documentation to prepare final project reports to ensure the knowhow is registered and can be shared .





• Preferable Education as a forwarder or alternatively as a store keeper/warehouse administrator

• Administrative skills

Special Knowledge required:

 • Knowledge in KABAL Logsitics system and DaWinci. SAP MM are highly advisable

Professional experience:

 Minimum 5 years’ experience in oil & gas; with focus on offshore logistics operations support activities; operation of pipe yard, marine base supervisor; helicopter ops.; working with high spec OSV (Offshore Supply Vessels), mainly PSV and AHTS.

• Previous experience as offshore logistics coordinator.

 • Previous experience working as a Logistics coordinator advisable.

• Experience and expertise in drilling, production, and information systems in the oil industry

Software skills:

• General experience with Microsoft Package, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

• Strong experience with SAP and Logistics softwares as WELS and DaWinci.

• Strong experience in working in multidisciplinary teams.

Additional requirements:

• Training as per training Matrix*

• Physically and mentally fit for preparedness functions as described on Muster Card/Contingency Manual*

• Valid Medical certification.

• Offshore Fit to Work.

• BOSIET / GSK training certificate.

• Excellent written and oral command of the English language. Norwegian highly recommended

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