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Maintenance Engineer

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In collaboration with the centralized Maintenance team, IT, Digital and Business Units teams, the candidate will be responsible for the following activities:


·      Analyze, adjust, and implement (MVP & Scale Up) a commercial Maintenance Platform (GE, AVEVA…)

·      Connect the Maintenance Platform with other existing tools (SAP PM, CIMS, Synergi, Energy Components…)

·      Adjust the CBM (Oil, Vibrations, Thermography, Instruments & Valves Device Manager) tool as a part of the platform. Develop associated procedures to link field operations to the tool and collaborate in its implementation

·      Collaborate in the adjustment of the Equipment Health Tool as a part of the platform. Define envelope conditions and formula to assess the health of critical/relevant equipment. Develop associated detailed procedure. Collaborate in the implementation of the tool.

·   Collaborate in the adjustment of the Bad Actors module as a part of the platform. Collaborate in the implementation of the module.

·      Develop specific and detailed documents to frame the use of RCM, RCA, and RAM tools

·    Collaborate in the definition of the Information & Planning screen and reports, as a crucial element for communication with other organizations


·      Mechanical Engineer or similar academic certification.

·      Fluent English (most of activities to be performed in collaboration with American/British native professionals)

·      SAP PM knowledge, advanced user level

·      Power BI knowledge, advanced user level (not mandatory but desirable)

·      At least 8 years-experience working on:

˗       Condition Based Maintenance

˗       Reliability Centered Maintenance

˗       Predictive Maintenance

˗       Reliability, Availability and Maintainability analysis

˗       Reliability Tools (Weibull analysis, Failure Modes…)

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Ultrasonic Analyst

Emirados Árabes Unidos
Referencia : 3122

Conduct detailed analysis of Ultrasonic (Acoustic) Airborne and Structure Borne waveforms utilising UE Systems.

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Vibration analyst

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Responsibilities: Conduct detailed analysis of routine vibration data collected on AMS 2140 Vibration Analysers in Emerson AMS Machinery Manager. Commission and setup an Emerson AMS 2600 device with standalone recording function for investigating equipment issues and utilise as required. Conduct Vibration Analysis to produce engineering reports identifying Root Cause Analysis, recommended corrective actions and maintenance […]