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Well Site Supervisor

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Key Objectives

  • Supervises the operations of all production facilities, power generation and utility’s facilities.
  • Provide direct supervision to assigned shift personnel to achieve pre-determined targets and ensure the work process in accordance with operational and SSHE rules & regulations.
  • Manage the activities of assigned personnel in the HBR Production facilities to achieve maximum utilization of available resources.
  • Perform supervisory duties at the level established by Management for the position. Follow the company’s SSHE rules and regulations in all works under responsibility.
  • Control and monitoring of the operation of the facilities and the execution of the works.
  • Communicate and coordinate with multi-discipline for the success of HBR Project
  • Ensure planned and scheduling of works are safely executed.
  • Ensure compliance with hygiene and safety rules

Principal Accountabilities

Technical Accountability/Contribution

  • Participating in Surface facilities commissioning & start-up activities on behalf of the Production Operations Department.
  • Supervise and participate in the start-up and shutdown of Wellsite, gathering system, and comingle pipeline to REB. Ensuring the following of sequential procedures for opening/closing valves and associated equipment.
  • Monitoring the flow of oil production, gas injection and water on day to day operations and coordinate daily well testing.
  • Control surface parameters of oil and water wells as well as satellites. And validate the well parameter report.
  • Coordinate with well services superintendent for programming operations and interventions on wells.
  • Ensure that corrosion control is continuously monitored and addressed in all producing wells and flowlines.
  • Coordinate and monitor surface safety system operation tests and all safety critical element with the maintenance and SSHE department.
  • Allocate manpower and materials in accordance with the detailed work programs from the Head of Well Measure and Control.
  • Carry out regular inspections of the process during his shift in order to detect any faults and take appropriate action (within lay-down guideline) to ensure safe and efficient operation of the process, and also informed Head of Production for the situation.
  • Ensure that sufficient shift-changeovers information concerning the general conditions of the process is either received or given.
  • Handover rotation to back-to-back counterpart including briefing counterpart on main events and required follow-up action.
  • Manage / record inventory stock and requisitions for all consumables, materials, tools and equipment necessary for the smooth and safe operations of the HBR Operating Asset.
  • Decide, within written guidelines, to make necessary adjustments to the operating/ production process to maintain optimum process conditions and, in emergencies, to order and supervise process shutdowns/start-up under coordination with Head of Production.
  • Ensure adequate and accurate information recording concerning the operating/ production process, such as flow rates, maintenance problems, manpower statistics (i.e. rotational schedule, etc.).
  • Ensure awareness on the Company and SSHE rules & regulations among shift personnel and, in case of emergencies, take appropriate action (shutdown and venting the process, evacuation of personnel, etc.) to avoid or minimize loss.
  • Prepare and coordinate work activities to avoid loss of time or production incident or accident and ensure the daily production target.
  • Provide necessary information and support to maintenance and inspection activitiesregarding maintenance requirements, store, purchase, and personnel.
  • Program preventive maintenance of well and satellite instruments with the maintenance / service instrumentation department.
  • Review training modules and conduct job competency for Well Measure and Control Operator on Production, Safety, Maintenance Topics, etc.
  • Participate actively in the preparation/revision of the procedures.
  • To promote SSHE awareness by ensuring all safety procedures are strictly abided by where he is in charge of.
  • To promote good relationships between the team in the Exploitation & Production department (EP).
  • Propose improvements to the design or operation of equipment to improve the efficiency and SSHE standard on the different parts of the process.
  • To train, develop and mentor all Exploitation & Production Department staff to improve job competency.
  • Deal with any incident that occurs on the facilities and make timely decisions.

Supervisory Roles

  • Safety, timeliness and quality of work under supervision contributing to the daily production target achievement.
  • SSHE rules and regulations are adhered to and implemented by contractors and employees under supervision.
  • Provide guidance to Control Room Operators and Well Measure and Control Operator
  • Completion of work and sufficient shift-changeover information to be provided to back-toback counterpart.
  • Supervise all personnel including third parties to ensure work comply with relevant procedures such as SSHE and Operation standard procedures.
  • Cultivate ownership of equipment and tools to ensure availability and reliability
  • Manage team competence development and performance.
  • Good management and problem solving skills

Continuous Professional Development

  • Keep abreast of relevant latest technology development to be considered for possible implementation at work place.
  • Considering for Cost optimization VS Best efficiency

Key Authorities

  • Signatory to certify onshore pre-commissioning/ commissioning activities
  • Take in charge of Shift Controller to ensure all Operation and Maintenance activities are performed safely.
  • Responsible for Production reporting system and daily production report for either Internal and External
  • Review of subordinate timesheet, extra day, overtime, leaves

Safety Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Well Site Supervisor are:

  • Act as Deputy Shutdown team leader during emergency situation
  • Promote active safety awareness in the Production Department, Monitor and ensure compliance with Management of Change (MOC) and Company’s SSHE procedures.
  • Undertake safety Operating envelop of plant, equipment, machinery and process.
  • Work towards achieving the MOC Health and Safety Objectives.
  • Ensure a complete competent in the MOC Permit to work System Procedures.
  • Report all accident, incidents, near-misses and dangerous occurrences to Head of Production immediately.
  • Ensure that all Well sites, equipment and machinery is operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations and Operation & Maintenance manual. PAGE 4 OF 4
  • Ensure that any changes or minor modification to any Well sites, equipment or machinery are via Engineering Work Request Procedure and that all documentation is complete.
  • Support Head of Well Measure and Control, during emergency response and be able to be handling emergency

Working Relationship

  • Head of Well Measure and Control and his subordinates in Production department
  • Maintenance Managers and his subordinates in Maintenance department
  • SSHE Managers and his subordinates in SSHE department
  • SONATRACH Rhourde El Baguel (REB) Operation and maintenance department
  • Related Support function at HMD base and Algiers office
  • HBR Contractors, EPC Contractors and all visitors
  • Vendors, workshops and related support personnel

Qualifications And Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree qualification in Petroleum Science, Engineering (Hydrocarbon Production Management) or relevant technical experience
  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in Hydrocarbon production industry environment in a Production and Well measurement and technique management
  • Management skills, sense of command, analytical and synthesis skills, organizational and communication skills, initiative and team spirit.
  • Experienced and competent in oil and gas production facilities and processing
  • Be part of Project, Construction and Commissioning activities, with previous experience in Algeria construction sites or other country.
  • Experience working in the Desert environment, preferably Algeria.
  • Control of Major Emergencies training
  • Strong interpersonal and supervisory skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in English and French.
  • Physical and / or intellectual effort
  • Be able to travelling for company’s business
  • Managing on Job Training (OJT) and knowledge transfer / Coaching
  • Experience with training and transfer of knowledge in support of nationalization programs.
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