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Well Integrity Engineer

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Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 4×4



Ensuring the integrity of the client's wells through proper monitoring and surveillance, in compliance with Algerian national regulations. This Well Integrity Engineer position should also work according to the guidelines of the client's Well Integrity Management System, for both producing and temporarily abandoned wells. Coordination with the Drilling and Completions department is necessary to ensure well integrity for new and reactivated wells. Additionally, the engineer must ensure that permanent and temporary well abandonment programs consider the vision of well integrity throughout all phases. The Well Integrity Engineer will serve as a focal point, along with the EP Manager, for relations with Algerian institutions, particularly ARH, regarding well integrity.


· Evaluate and monitor well integrity through regular inspections and tests, considering the well's history.

· Analyze data and interpret well integrity test results.

· Investigate and analyze well failures, proposing appropriate solutions. Conduct initial investigations of reservoir conditions, production records, injection records, water/gas breakthrough records before well integrity investigations.

· Evaluate the integrity of equipment and systems used in wells.

· Evaluate corrosion, erosion and other factors that may affect well integrity.

· Perform lifespan assessments and forecast well integrity. Maintain updated the Wells Failure Model and Annulus Management System.

· Validate and evaluate proposed well designs.

· Coordinate and supervise the installation and testing of new well equipment. Ensure required protective barriers are in place before commencing well integrity operations.

· Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs to ensure well safety.

· Supervise well repair and maintenance activities.

· Participate in planning and executing well integrity improvement projects.

· Optimize well efficiency and productivity through data analysis.

· Conduct risk assessments and develop mitigation strategies for wells.

· Prepare technical reports and presentations related to well integrity. Maintain updated a set of KPIs related to well integrity.

· Provide technical support to the Well Services and other Operations teams and ensure that the teams follow the test procedures completely.

· Update well histories after each Integrity Test and effectively enter data in WIMS. Regularly update, validate, and correctly enter master data. Manage the well integrity status tool (WIST). Work in collaboration with the software providers and propose improvements to the Well Integrity reporting and data gathering and visualization.

· Stay updated on relevant regulations and norms regarding gas well integrity, especially Algerian regulations and international standards.

· Train personnel on topics related to well integrity as an expert in the field.

· Act as a focal point for the relationship with Algerian institutions (primarily ARH) regarding well integrity. Communicate with industry peers and collaborate to share information on industry standards and efficiencies.

· Coordinate well integrity policies, guidelines, procedures, and standards within the company. Evaluate, suggest improvements and update all the existing documentation.

· Verify well designs based on deterministic, probabilistic, and other models.

· Actively participate with Drilling/Subsurface department to ensure well integrity during all the wells life (drilling, production, abandon) and all the possible operations (e.g. Fracking). Ensure during the drilling phase that LOT and FIT test, casing programs, well cementing programs, Xmas tree and completion installations are executed properly to avoid future problems during the production and abandonment phases.

· Calculate volumes of all annuli and surface lines to ensure adequate cementing.

· Create and remove policy dispensations.

· Create and implement MOC related to Well Integrity

· Identify efficiencies to reduce company costs and increase production.

· Assist with the Tender (ITT) process and contract award.

· Assist with the well intervention planning process and identify any possible operational efficiencies regarding PPM.

· Create purchase requisitions in SAP, check and approve invoices for payment.

· Maintain awareness of and ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and Company HSE standards. Demonstrate personal commitment to the HSE Policy.

· Contribute to crisis management and emergency responses related to wells.

· Provide technical advice on well integrity.

· Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of projects related to well integrity.

· Manage the tree and wellhead maintenance contractor to ensure the delivery of planned maintenance routines.

· The Well Integrity Engineer must actively participate in well abandonment programs and campaigns in collaboration with the drilling department. Their responsibility is to ensure that these programs follow a comprehensive well integrity approach, maintaining high standards of safety, reliability, and environmental protection throughout the entire well abandonment process.

· Participate in the planification and execution of projects related to well integrity improvement.

· Communicate with industry peers and work together to share information on industry standards and efficiencies, and act as a focal point for the relationship with Algerian institutions regarding well integrity.

· Maintain Well Integrity department share folder well organize, with the documents well codified, and updated with all the relevant information and reports of the discipline.


  • Well engineering and drilling.
  • Well integrity evaluation and monitoring.
  • Data interpretation and tests analysis
  • Safety standards and regulations in well operations.
  • Preventive maintenance programs.
  • Well repair and maintenance.
  • Technologies for well integrity assessment.
  • Risk management and problem-solving.
  • Installation of well equipment.
  • Planning and execution of improvement projects.
  • Corrosion evaluation and adverse factors.
  • HSE (health, safety, and environment).
  • Crisis management and emergency response in wells.
  • Communication and teamwork.


  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in drilling operations with at least 6 years in well integrity and well control world.
  • Strong Rig experience is mandatory.
  • Well Control Certificate (IWCF)
  • English: Fluent
  • French: Medium
  • Arabic is highly considered
  • Good communication and negotiating skills, ability to work in multicultural teams.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or similar.
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