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Umbilical Lead Engineer

Réf : 3478


• Starting date: Q2 2024

• Duration: 6-9 months (FEED Phase)

• Renewable: Yes

• Location: Paris

• Status: Residential

Context & Environment

The PREOWEI Project is challenging Project technically, and with the added constraint of a short timeline for its execution. Technically challenging project with several technical novelties/innovations within TotalEnergies and oil & industry - long tie-back distance (~30km), Production flowline heating solution (DEH) at maximum water depth with some qualification, Subsea brownfield tie-in to existing EGINA facilities (SIMOPS), Constrained flowlines/umbilical layout/routing ( Seabed disturbance, Geohazards, DEH constraints, several crossings etc.), Novel material technology-CRA cladded/lined flowline, potentially with Mechanically-Lined Pipe (MLP), Flowline S-lay in deepwater, Large scale deployment of long Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) for WI jumpers. Heavy workload with tight FEED schedule and activities leading to FID.

Missions/Service Dimensions

PREOWEI will be developed as a subsea Tie-back to the EGINA FPSO. The service holder shall oversee and lead all Engineering design, Equipment and Materials selection of Umbilicals, DEH cables and flexible pipe systems, associated ancillaries (topsides and subsea) including interfaces with DEH system, existing EGINA facilities etc. for the PREOWEI Field Development Project during the FEED, CFT and EPCI preparation phases, within the OneTech/Customer Lines/ Deep Offshore PREOWEI GPI organization.


The activities of the Umbilical Lead Engineer include, but not limited to


  • Liaise daily with counterpart on Contractor side to monitor the progress of FEED deliverables, anticipate / highlight delays and propose corrective actions when needed.
  • Assist to manage matters on SOR changes, technical queries and derogations to General Specifications, related to Umbilicals and flexible systems, associated ancillaries all associated interfaces (including Other UFR systems, existing Egina facilities, flow assurance, etc.).
  • Assist in managing all Umbilicals and flexible systems, associated ancillaries’ interfaces with all other concerned FEED packages (Topsides, SPS, Other UFR systems, Flow Assurance, Safety and Field Operations etc..)
  • Provide technical support as necessary to the SURF team on all matters relating to Umbilicals and flexible systems, associated ancillaries’ interfaces with all other concerned FEED packages (Topsides, SPS, Other UFR systems, Flow Assurance, Safety and Field Operations etc..) FEED
  • Reviewing and approving all relevant Engineering documents, which typically includes cross section design, dynamic analyses, installation analyses, components design (steel tubes, armours, carcass, polymer sheathes, electrical cables, fibre optics, etc …),umbilical and flexible mechanical characteristics and capacities validation, manufacturing analyses, fatigue analyses, transportation analysis, pre-commissioning analysis, umbilical ancillaries design (Bend Stiffeners, Bend Restrictors, Topsides and Subsea Termination/Interface Hardware, catenary management systems etc.)
  • Assisting, in Qualification activities pertaining to umbilicals and flexible systems and ancillaries components.
  • Assisting in resolution of interface issues as necessary, such as umbilical/flexible terminations design, installation, hook-up, pre-commissioning, commissioning etc.
  • Assisting in analysis of Contractor technical queries/deviation requests and preparation of comments and proposed answers to these queries
  • Ensuring that Engineering activities are performed in line with FEED Contract requirements and Project Specifications, TotalEnergies General Specifications (prepare proper derogations, if required) and the Schedule during the FEED.
  • Ensuring that HSE requirements are taken into consideration during design
  • Liaising with other Team engineers to ensure technical consistency of all interfacing systems constituting the PREOWEI development as well as the existing EGINA facilities.
  • Getting assistance from TOTAL Specialists, or third parties, if required, for specific topics (such as geotechnics, hydrodynamics, structural, material & welding, corrosion & coating, etc …)
  • Participating in various technical reviews (Hazids, Hazops, Project Technical Reviews etc …)
  • Other tasks as assigned by hierarchies Call For Tender & EPSCC Preparation
  • Collaborate with the SURF & Contract team to ensure that EPSCC Contract Exhibits include all necessary requirements related to Umbilicals and flexible systems.
  • Assist in preparation of relevant elements of Invitation to Tender and Technical evaluation criteria.
  • Assist in timely review of Umbilicals and flexible systems technical deliverables submitted by Tenderers
  • Advise the SURF team on all non-compliance, risks, inconsistencies in the contractors’ submission
  • Assist in answering / closing Contractors’ technical clarifications/qualifications
  • Assist in performing technical evaluation of Contractors’ EPSCC offer submissions
  • Assist the preparation of the EPSCC project execution plan with strong emphasis on the SURF execution - procurement, fabrication, transport, installation and pre-commissioning of the Umbilicals and flexible systems

Qualifications & Experience Required

  • Qualification: Graduate in Engineering (Masters level), in Petroleum Industry. Depending on experience, candidates with BSc may be also given consideration.
  • Languages: English (fluent verbal & written)
  • Professional Experience: minimum 12 years

Experience within projects: minimum 10 years 10+ years’ experience in experience in umbilicals and flexible engineering (and associated ancillaries) for deepwater EPCI/EPSCC projects with demonstrable engineering aptitude.

Excellent knowledge of international umbilicals design codes / standards (API/ ISO series in particular) and TOTAL general specifications Good sense of organization, ability to prioritize activities, to identify critical aspects, to propose way forwards, to lead specialists or third parties, to summarize and present complex design issues including transverse and interfaces matters.

Some basic knowledge in electrical / fibre optic cables, material, corrosion, coatings and hydrodynamics, flow assurance will be also valuable Good communication skills

Ability to work efficiently under high workload, prioritize in a fast-paced project and meet schedule requirements.

Available for technical missions worldwide

Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment

Other Observations

  • Ensure comments on Umbilicals and flexible systems and associated ancillary deliverables are issued to contractors within contractual timeframe
  • Ensure adequate progress and timely completion of Umbilicals and flexible systems and associated ancillaries scope
  • Ensure compliance of Umbilicals and flexible systems and associated ancillaries FEED deliverables and CFT deliverables with SOR, Project Particular Specifications.
  • Ensure good quality of the Umbilicals and flexible systems and associated ancillaries deliverables and the proposed designs are safe, operable, reliable and maintainable
  • Ensure adequate reporting of Umbilicals and flexible systems and associated ancillaries activities to the SURF Leader.
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