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Senior Electrical Engineer

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General Description

The senior electrical engineer will play a critical role in providing technical expertise and support in electrical engineering for onshore exploration and production (E&P) projects. Working on-site, the senior electrical engineer will be responsible for ensuring the efficient design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical systems and equipment, contributing to the overall success of the project.

Duty and Responsible for

Electrical Design and maintenance

  • Responsible for electrical Engineering including, but not limited to; HV/LV switchgear, MCC’s, distribution and substations for plant installed in a remote desert location. Responsibilities also include working within the GBRS Management of Change system and acting as senior electrical engineer for electrical related projects at GBRS sites (as assigned by your line manager) to complete and close out site projects and modification work.
  • Designing electrical systems and components: This involves creating electrical schematics, panel layouts, and wiring diagrams that outline the arrangement and connections of electrical equipment and devices,
  • Developing lighting systems: Designing and specifying lighting fixtures, controls, and layouts to ensure proper illumination and energy efficiency,
  • Designing power distribution systems: Determining the electrical load requirements, selecting distribution equipment (such as transformers, switchgear, and circuit breakers), and designing distribution layouts to provide reliable and efficient power supply,
  • Developing control systems: Designing control panels, motor control centers, and systems to monitor and control electrical equipment and processes,
  • Performing electrical studies: Conducting power system analysis, including load flow, short circuit, and protection coordination studies, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical systems,
  • Conduct load calculations, power system studies, and equipment selection to optimize electrical system performance,
  • Develop and review electrical engineering designs, drawings, and specifications, ensuring compliance with project requirements, industry standards, and applicable regulations,
  • Conduct regular inspections, testing, and preventive maintenance activities to identify and address electrical equipment failures and malfunctions,
  • Analyze and resolve complex electrical issues, including equipment malfunctions, failures, and reliability concerns,
  • Collaborate with maintenance and operations teams to optimize equipment maintenance schedules, spare parts inventory, and troubleshooting procedures.

Electrical Documentation

  • Creating detailed electrical documentation, including standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions, guidelines and electrical specifications to ensure compliance with oil & gas industry best practices,
  • Ensuring that documentation accurately reflects the current state of electrical system power and is accessible to relevant personnel,
  • Updating documentation when electrical system or equipment undergo changes,
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and quality management systems,
  • Participating in audits or inspections to verify adherence to documentation and standards.
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