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HSE Environmental Specialist

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Overview and Description of the Work

The Work to be provided under the Contract shall be the provision of an in house environmental specialist support for the Company’s Spain decommissioning operations

The company should give support project in Environmental Management tasks, including environmental plans design, monitoring, compliance, systems reporting and regulatory technical interface with authorities, compliance and reporting

The Environmental Specialist shall be working in client offices and shall travel on work short trips to client sites or to the operational bases as required by the work. Work travel is not expected to last more than two (2) weeks each.

The environmental specialist shall have a valid Fit To Work Certificate allowing him/her to travel offshore, and will have to have a valid BOSIET Certificate, both at all times during the period of this contract.

The Environmental Specialist shall work under Client Management System.

Consulting Team profile

HSE Environmental Specialist Duties and responsibilities

  • Support implementation of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Plan for the Project
  • Assist Project Team in all environmental related tasks and regulatory agencies interfacing for environmental and HSE compliance.
  • Monitor compliance with Environmental Monitoring plan and Waste Management Plan.
  • Coordinate with Offshore HSE Supervisors and Shore base HSE Supervisors the development of the above-mentioned documents, supervise and revise documentation prior to the submission to authorities.
  • Define and implement Environmental Management Plan(s), develop, and implement environmental procedures and deliverables for the project(s).
  • Assess environmental risks associated to the project(s) and participate in the Risk Assessment Workshops (HAZID, BowTies, etc.).
  • Participate in tendering process of technical services, defining environmental requirements when applicable (e.g. drilling services, logistics base, fluids, fuel supply, etc). Assist in the bridging documents with contractors on environmental issues, when applicable.
  • Update Waste Management Plans and Waste Management authorizations, as needed.
  • Conduct and/or coordinate audits to drilling and services contractors, when needed, including waste management and disposal sites. Ensure implementation of corrective actions.
  • Assist in the Oil Spill Contingency Plan preparation, oil spill modelling and sensitivity map development or update.
  • Provide support to the Incident Management Team as required.
  • Prepare environmental documentation for technical reviews and internal evaluation milestones and keep documents up to date.
  • Manage environmental services and contractors (selection, supervision and coordination, billing, performance evaluation).
  • Verify and ensure compliance with environmental permits and keep track of open actions.
  • Liaise with environmental, Maritime and any other authorities and stakeholders, when needed.
  • Supervise waste management during operations and ensure that proper manifesting, tracking of waste generation, proper transportation and disposal is done.
  • Ensure that effluents, discharges (including produced water) and emissions during operations are managed appropriately and in compliance with the regulation and Repsol environmental practices.
  • Ensure that other environmental aspects of the O&G operation are covered and controlled in compliance with regulation and internal practices.
  • Prepare environmental compliance reports to the authorities.
  • Consolidate environmental statistics and records for internal report (including: synergi, REA)
  • Keep track of environmental performance and identify potential environmental liabilities. If applicable manage potential environmental liabilities as per Repsol procedures.
  • Assist on document and record keeping of all environmental related evidence.
  • Maintaining HSE Records and sharing project information, always promoting continuous improvement of Department, Project Teams and Company. Ensuring that lessons learned, and project data and reports are extracted, QAQC’d, and disseminated.

Education and qualifications:

  • Degree in Environmental Science (e.g. Environmental, biology, ecology) or Engineering.
  • Proficiency in Spanish. Excellent written and oral command of the English language.
  • Excellent proficiency with Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, MS Project, SharePoint and Outlook.
  • Desired HSE related training and qualifications/certifications: HSE Management Systems (ISO 14001), environmental modelling and impact assessment, incident management and investigation methods, environmental risk assessment, emergency management (e.g. ICS, IMO), Environmental Management, Environmental audits.

Behaviours and skills

  • Strong focus on support and service to operation teams. Flexibility and willingness to adapt to support the business.
  • Good planning and organizational skills, performance & delivery focus.
  • Practical approach to work. Critical thinking abilities.
  • Work on own initiative with self-imposed quality control standards.
  • Ability to work to prearranged deadlines.
  • Flexibility to meet changing project requirements and schedules.
  • Ability to effectively manage simultaneously several projects.
  • Strong HSE leadership skills.
  • Adaptable to changing conditions, knowledgeable in application of continuous improvement techniques, with the ability to interface effectively with senior executives and corporate staff as well as field staff.
  • Proven ability to work independently and within a multidisciplinary team environment. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate well with other E&P personnel.
  • Committed to safety, honest and ethical behaviour. Articulate with a professional presence. A team player, with a proven ability to work with diverse individuals.
  • Must show a sense of ownership and accountability.
  • Must lead by example in terms of behaviours.

Experience and Knowledge:

  • Min 5 years relevant experience as Environmental Specialist in E&P Projects/operations. Experience in drilling projects is required.
  • Offshore and Operator experience highly desired.
  • Previous experience dealing with Governmental agencies is desired.
  • Knowledge and understanding of International environmental laws and Regulations and standards on Workplace Safety (i.e.: API, ISO, IOGP, IPIECA, MARPOL, SOLAS, etc).
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of environmental aspects of the O&G industry (i.e. waste water discharges, air emissions, flaring, management of drilling cuttings)

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