Aviation Coordinator



·      Coordination of air operations for cargo, utilities and personnel when applies.

·      Ensure compliance with established procedures, legislation and health and safety guidelines for Aviation operation.

·      Coordinate Transportation of all personnel from the Mobilization Point identified to the Work Site.

·      Ensure appropriate Flight Manifest are created in the KABAL system.

·      Reports to Operational Logistics Coordinator in the Asset and to Logisitcs Team Leader in the Projects with regards to engineering, planning, execution and optimization of aviation activities.





·      Act as focal point for air operations for the Asset/Project coordinating its plan and execution ensuring the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of air assets involved in operations by organizing flights, increasing the safety of operations and optimizing the use of resources.

·         Responsible to implement, follow up and control the Logistics System (such as Kabal, Dawinci, etc) for Aviation Operations.

·         Update POB Planning ensuring 14 days Lookahead is accurate

·         Coordinate the passengers and cargo list as well as boarding priorities with the user area.

·         Develop the Personnel Mobilization instructions and Boarding instructions.

·         Develop the Air cargo shipping instructions when applies.

·         Provide the inputs when required for development of Emergency Response Plans

·         Notify the air transport service provider (Aviation Contractor) of the scheduled flight plan and coordinate pilots and crew timetables.

·         Communicate with contractor representatives to verify the identity of personnel to board/disembark.

·         Keep close communication with the representative in charge of the flight operations at destination for outbound and inbound flights

·         Prepare the outbound manifest and share with the Project/Asset team in timely manner and deliver to the Aviation contractor for flight readiness.

·         Coordinate with the Aviation contractor for inbound flights

·         Coordinate the airport arrival time and date with the logistical representatives of every contractor and/or in-house personnel who will be boarding,

·         Verify that each passenger complies with the company requirements before boarding.

·         Supervise the reception and logging of passengers and their luggage.

·         Supervise the air safety briefing and its logging.

·         Check the state of repair of each passenger's survival suits, gloves and hats prior to entering the pre-departure area.

·         Monitor compliance with flight timetables and the preparation of logs.

·         Check and log the state of repair of flight suits.

·         Update the Logistics Team Leader on daily basis about air operations.

·         Monitor compliance with airport and customs procedures.

·         Supervise the loading of cargo.

·         Monitor compliance with flight timetables and the preparation of logs.

·         Reports incidents to the Logistics Team Leader and to the air services provider Contractor (Aviation Contractor).

·         Prepare final personnel mobilization project reports (Logistics Close Out).

·         Prepare the final list of lessons learnt and opportunities for improvement related to Aviation Operations (Logistics Monitoring, Control and Optimization).

·         Support as Coordinator at the accommodations facilitiy to ensure protocol is followed by the crews.






·      Exhibit a sound knowledge of discipline, the organization's systems, and provide a satisfactory level of competence in identified behaviors and skills required.

·      Work independently, provide recommendations on local/regional issues and work/interact with other internal/external departments.

·      Initiate planning, organizing and prioritizing.

·      Provide guidance within area of expertise and receive little direct supervision.

·      Exhibit strong teamwork, communication, attention to details and problem solving skills.





·      Contribute in ensuring compliance with both regulations and company procedures, and handle non conformities as required.

·      Identify risks to people and the environment, and mitigate them so they are as low as reasonably practicable.

·      Proactively identify ways to continuously improve HSE performance.

·      Stop any job that may harm people or the environment.

·      Transfer experiences, good and bad, which could lead to continuous improvement of HSE performance.

Eduction and Experience:

·      Aviation studies highly advisable.

·      Experience can compensate for lack of formal education.

·      Knowledge in Kabal is required.

·      Fluent in Spanish and English.

·      Professional experience : Minimum 1 year but preferable more than 3 years as aviation coordinator in offshore drilling projects.

·      Experience in working in multidisciplinary teams and international locations.

·      Strong understanding of Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project).

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