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Well Site Supervisor

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Job Description

· Responsibility for the on-site supervision of well operations in Block including, but not limited to: well testing, well interventions (slickline, coiled tubing, electric line) & stimulations.

· This position will require personnel with broad well services experience, including completions, workovers, slickline, electric line logging & perforating, well testing, coiled tubing and stimulation.

· This will be rotational work and as such candidates will be comfortable spending extended periods away from home and family, as well as working during public holidays.


· Minimum of 10 years Coiled Tubing well intervention experience with a minimum of 3 years of this period being as a Well Services Supervisor.

· Secondary Education (high school equivalence degree), candidates will be accepted with Baccalaureate degrees, but this is not a requirement.

· Well Service Supervisors are required to have current IWCF Certification in Well Intervention Operations and Pressure Control.

Additional skills, experience, expertise and competency

· Ambitious and independent, able to effectively analyse and solve problems in different areas.

· Able to work in a culturally diverse, remote and challenging environment.

· Must be organised and decisive and capable of managing an emergency situation effectively.

· Fluent in English language both written and spoken, (French &/or Arabic would be advantageous but is not mandatory).

· Past work experience in similar international operations.

· Past work experience in complex well operations.

· Past work experience with wells producing or injecting high volumes of hydrocarbons at wellhead pressures from 1000 to 6000 psi.

· Ability to develop and improve the skills of Groupement Berkine staff personnel in well interventions and operations.

· In possession of good verbal communication skills and people skills to enhance coaching methods and to relay verbal reports to personnel from Groupement Berkine and other Service Companies.

· In possession of good written communication skills for reports and evaluation to relay information to personnel from Groupement Berkine and other Service Companies.

· Extensive knowledge and experience of slickline operations.

· Extensive knowledge and experience of coiled tubing operations.

· Experienced in fishing operations with an emphasis on heavy duty fishing with 5/16” braided line.

· Knowledge of electric line tools, downhole power units, tubing punches, jet and chemical tubing cutters.

· Aware of pressure / flow related downhole issues such as perforation gun lift and pressure differential across plugs. Able to make wellbore hydraulic pressure computations.

· Operational experience on wells with high WHP of up to 6000 psi at surface, and demonstrate ability to work with appropriate well control criteria.

· In possession of a good understanding of well design and wellbore / reservoir interface.

· Proficient in MS Office suite and Open Wells software.

Essential Job Functions

· Groupement Berkine places high importance on HSE culture and performance and as such the candidate must have strong HS&E values and work ethic.

· During well servicing operations perform onsite HS&E hazard identification and take remedial action whenever necessary.

· Ensure that all well services personnel are conversant with the details and objectives of well intervention operations.

· Communicate with HSE, drilling, Production, Exploitation Departments and Division EP in order to ensure that all relevant and concerned parties are conversant with all planned and ongoing well operations.

· Ensure that all appropriate Permits to Work are correctly completed and approved.

· Function test and trouble shoot any problems with the sub surface safety valve.

· Application of IT and software: MS Office suite Word, Excel and outlook.

· Establish lines of reporting and communication from Field Operations to Division EP, HSE, Logistics (coordinate and implement all logistical support to the wellsite operations).

· Report directly to Ing Puits responsible for the given field / geographical area.

· Responsible for all aspects of onsite supervision of well operations in B404 or 208, including but not limited to well testing, well interventions (slickline, coiled tubing, electric line) and stimulations. This will include depth correlation for E-line (perforation operations) as well as slickline. Well Services Supervisor will assist with trouble shooting downhole tools problems when non-conformance issues arise.

· Will recommend improvements to operational methods and procedures that will safely streamline the process from work request to job completion report.

· Supervision of multiple disciplines on complex operations, i.e. fishing electric line tools with slickline equipment and tools. Supervision of coiled tubing and heavy duty braided line fishing operations.

· Recommend a specific course of action for any complex well conditions that may be encountered during an operation in order to ensure safety of personnel and protect asset / infrastructure.

· Direct operational activities of multiple contractors working at a wellsite in order to ensure safety objectives are met. Will assume control by persuasion and leadership skills.

· Compilation and QA/QC of work programs and procedures.

· Generate daily operations reports and submit to Chef Service Puits and Ing. Puits for review and distribution.

· Ensure that all wellbore schematics and well history summaries are updated accurately and in a timely manner.

· Conduct and document regular onsite audits of equipment and tools.

· Conduct and document assessments of the competence of the personnel performing well intervention activities in their respective disciplines.

· Conduct pre-operations meetings (including wellsite toolbox talks) in order to review and discuss all aspects of the well intervention program. These pre-job meetings will focus on operations safety and the identification and mitigation of hazards; taking the necessary corrective actions.

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