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• Supervise and organize ORD Treasury department, manage payments, collections

and banking operating procedures, in order to ensure the procedures and regulation compliance with current legislation.

• Coordinate, supervise and control in an optimal manner ORD financing resources

avoiding any inefficiency in shareholders funds requests.

• Cash Call elaboration based on the monthly treasury needs and sending to shareholders.

• Supervise and optimize payments of outstanding invoices to suppliers.

• Supervision of accounting and collection of invoices issued by ORD.

• Accounting, control and monitoring of the prepayments to suppliers in order to ensure its promptly accounting cancellation.

• Elaboration and management of Letters of Credit in collaboration with the Procurement department.

• Payment and monitoring of Cash Against Documents.

• Support to the audit team appointed by the shareholders and coordination between them and ORD.

• Control and supervision of banking accounts (settlement, banking commissions, exchange rate differences).

• Monitoring and accounting of exchange rate differences.

• Control and supervision of the ORD Cash needs.

• Supervise and control the correct calculation and filling in the ERP system (Oracle) the monthly exchange rates.

• Tax (TDB) calculation and payment, as well as the monthly tax declaration (IBS/TVA/TAP) verification and payment through Jibayatic.

• “Domitiliations bancaires”: Banking requests for non DZ payments.

• Monitoring and control of the contract’s domiciled payments.

• Management and custody of the Banking Warranties received by the suppliers.

• Internal reporting to ORD

• Cash Flow and annual Cash Call forecast elaboration

• Full DoA by the client Finance Manager when required, assuming both functions and



• By the correct calculation of Cash Call, ensure that ORD payments are not compromised due to a lack of funds.

• Complying with the agreed deadlines for the monthly closings and the sending of reports to the client and the partners.

• Submit a Cash Call forecast estimation for Y+1 & Y+2

• Optimize the received funds applying the payment conditions applicable in each case.

• Ensure the correct collection of the issued invoices by ORD.

• Ensure the correct elaboration (transfer/check…) and accounting of all ORD payments/collections.

• Ensure the correct accounting of ORD banking accounts.

• Provide to the organization and suppliers the exchange rates that will the used in accounting/invoicing.

• Provide the information that is required on time and in due form, both by shareholders and from the inside of ORD.

• Identifying any corrective measure and improvement related to Treasury procedures and activities.

• Ensuring specific compliance with the client regulations for both the group and the specific E&P business, as well as local legislation and requirements.

• Finance Manager role when required by DoA.


• Financial reporting process for ORD

• Treasury process for ORD

• Management Information Systems for ORD


More than seven years experience as accountant, treasurer, financial analyst in the oil industry

• B.A. in Business & Administration required.

• Proven track record for implementing accounting models

• Proven track record for managing multi-cultural teams

• Strong at MS Office skills

• Demonstrated strong cross-cultural collaboration skills are required

• Excellent communication skills are required

• Broad level of autonomy in the management and administration of work

• Required languages: English (oil & gas lang.), French (JV lang.) and Spanish (headquarter lang.)

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