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Sr. Operations Geologist

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Operations Geologist

CONTRACTOR’s Operations Geologist (also named as Ops Geologists) shall have a technical degree in Geology/Earth Science or demonstrate very good skills, which must include also well surveillance, well logging data analysis, well placement, geosteering, contract management, cost efficiency, etc. The candidate shall be familiar with Company Software (Geolog, Openwells (Landmark), etc..).

The candidate will report to the COMPANY Operations Geologist Management or other specifically designed COMPANY representative, the Ops Geologist will be responsible for reporting to Upper Management all geological and formation evaluation activity at the rigsite. The Ops Geologist will also work closely with the COMPANY Project Manager to execute the COMPANY well plan as instructed by the COMPANY Operations Geologist Management and Drilling Engineer while meeting all expectations.

All the candidates must to have a minimum requirement: 10 years of experience as an Operations Geologist in different drilling wells and environments and up to date certifications, especially Well control certificate. Good knowledge of drilling activities, Geosteering, well placement, logging plan, well behaviour, geomechanics and pore pressure will be valuable.

The Ops Geologist will report to the COMPANY Operations Geologist Management, deal with 3rd party service companies and Drilling Management.

The Ops Geologist needs to be familiar and capable to perform the following duties:

       Create a database with offset wells, drilling hazard focused.

       Perform preliminaries studies (Pore Pressure, Geomechanical studies, Drilling issues, etc) with offset well data, or at least be capable to QAQC the 3rd party work.

       Preparation of the technical subsurface pre-drill documents to make drillable a well following Repsol procedures (PDDP (Pre-drill data package), Well Proposal, etc).

       Coordinate with other teams, act as focal point and make presentations to pass all the internal Company Technical Reviews.

       Generate the documents (Scope of work, RFQ) of the contractual part for geological related services (Rig positioning, Biostratigraphy, Wellsite Geologist, Mudlogging, Coring, LWD, and Wireline, Labs analysis, etc) and provide technical evaluation of the services companies during tender process.

       Contract holder of mayor and minor contract Geological-related services (execution of the contracts).

       Planning & managing the geological acquisition program during offshore & onshore drilling campaigns.

       Establish Procedures and Protocols including all the templates, expected data deliveries and methodologies to be used at the rig site during drilling operations named SOP in the Company.

       Working together between different teams and internal departments (Drilling, Reservoir, Petrophysicist, Purchase, Legal, Logistics, HSE) the planning and execution of the Geological acquisition and logistics.

       Conduct a LWOP (logging well on paper) before spudding a well and participate at DWOP.

       Generate, plan and provide feedback of current well plan trajectory. Act as a geosteer personnel if needed.

       Focal point for the service company during any of the phases of the project.

       Following up drilling activities 24/7 from the Office and the rigsite, if it is required.

       Generate a POA (Plan of Action) with service companies during the execution of a well.

       QA & QC of ALL the data generated from the Service Companies.

       Evaluate the performance of the service companies through internal KPIs (efficiency indicators).

       Generate and distribute reports during active life of the project.

       Coordinate Logistics with service companies of tools, samples and personnel.

       Coordinate Samples shipments to different either warehouse or labs in same or different country.

       Perform daily certification in SAP. Check and negotiated invoices.

       Perform goal-oriented post-drill analysis and effectiveness of the drilling operations and the service geological reports.

       Mentor new professionals.

       Create and execute cost reduction initiatives to optimize the geological acquisition program with the given budget.

       Perform SQM with service companies to improve performance and effectiveness.


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