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Sr. Drilling Supervisor

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Contract Duration: 12 Months

Rotation: 2×4



• Highly focussed on performance and constantly striving to achieve top quartile results.

• Highly focussed on well costs throughout execution phases to ensure cost efficiency and reduce wastage.

• Makes informed decisions based on thorough analysis and risk assessment.

• Strong aptitude for mathematics and problem solving.

• Ability to devise and execute complex plans.

• Highly organized with good data management skills.

• Team player who is approachable and actively promotes a high level of interaction across multiple disciplines.

• Good communicator who can communicate with clarity and confidence.

• Willingness to assist and mentor / coach staff to ensure knowledge growth and professional development.

• Must show a sense of ownership and accountability.

• Must lead by example in terms of behaviours.

• Must behave in a professional manner at all times in order to uphold the reputation of the company.

• Willingness to consider and review new techniques and technologies which could lead to improved safety and/or operational performance.

• Work independently approaching complex situations, providing recommendations on local/regional issues by working/interacting with other internal/external departments regularly.

• Proactively anticipate problems and apply sound judgment to develop approaches to solving problems.

• Seek experienced and expertise of more senior staff when dealing with situations with little or no precedence or in the development of new ideas or technology.

• Support and promote the company’s policies, business philosophy, objectives, and values.

• Exhibit strong teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

• Familiarization with the client´s Global Norms, Procedures and Guidelines - e.g. Actions in the Event of Stuck Pipe.


• Highly focussed on HSE and Process Safety at all times. Must show strong HSE leadership throughout the project life cycle.

• Contribute ensuring compliance with both regulations and company procedures and handle non-conformities as required.

• Identify risks to people and the environment and mitigate them so they are as low as reasonably practicable.

• Proactively identify ways to continuously improve HSE performance.

• Stop any job that may harm people or the environment and,

• Transfer experiences, good and bad, which could lead to continuous improvements of HSE performance.



• SDSV will report directly to the Drilling Superintendent during both pre-spud and execution phases.

• SDSV will be responsible for supervising the entire rig site operations and dedicated team (Well Operations Supervisors, Night Drilling Supervisors, Well Site Drilling Engineer, Materials and Logistics Coordinator, HSE Supervisors/Technicians and Well Site Geologists).

• Is the primary contact with the Drilling Contractor and third party to ensure operations are performed in accordance with operational requirements, guidelines, and programs, and in a safe and cost-effective manner.

• Keeps the Offshore Installation Manager informed about issues relating to HSE, Work Management, Simultaneous Operations and significant technical well abnormalities.

• Coordinates resources of offshore execution team


Pre-Spud Phase

Act as the client's lead representative (Senior Company man) in day-shift during critical rig re-activation / mobilization phases. Jointly responsible for ensuring that the drilling unit is fit-for-purpose and arrives at the well location “ready-to-drill.”

• Ensure the client's general operating procedure is understood (ITDs generation, Inwell center engagement, standards compliance, etc).

• Responsible for ensuring that the daily operations report pre-spud phase using OpenWells (the client's reporting system) is prepared and issued in time.

• Actively participate in independent 3rd party rig condition survey, inspections and audits.

• Review the Well Construction Program / Drilling & Completion Programs.

• Review the Well Control Bridging Document.

• Review the Well Containment Plan, Blow Out Contingency Plan and Relief Well Plan.

• Utilise experience to ensure all relevant lessons learned from previous projects have been reviewed and any necessary action taken to prevent re-occurrence on the the client'soperation.

• Perform full review of all HSE and Logistics documentation to ensure a complete understanding (e.g. Emergency Response Plan, Oil Spill Response Plan, HSE Bridging Document, MEDEVAC Plan, Helicopter Boarding Procedure, Logistics Plan, HAZID, HAZOP, Bow Tie etc).

• Review the Well Risk Register and ensure that all the actions assigned to the onsite/offshore team are implemented.

• Responsible for ensuring that the initial ITD (Instructions to Driller) for the well are prepared prior to arrival at the location. ITDs approval to follow Repsol´s hierarchy procedure with team in town and InWell prior to SDSV/DSL signature.

• Review the Well Time Estimate and ensure “DSV estimated time” is included in Lookahead. • Actively participate in main onshore DWOP.

• Responsible for coordinating the offshore pre-spud and mini-DWOP meetings to ensure rig crew (in each shift) have a complete understanding of the planned operations.

• In-detail review of the well Master Equipment List (MEL). Provide feedback / recommendations.

• Perform review of the rig move preparations and related procedures, issued by the Rig Contractor.

Execution/Operations Phase

• Ultimately, act as the client's Lead/Senior Drilling Supervisor for all operations at the well site, with work schedule mainly in day-shift and ensure all operations are executed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner while complying with the drilling program, company policy and local regulations. This should be achieved through active management of drilling contractor, the client's operational personnel and service provider personnel offshore.

• Act as the On-Scene commander in case of any incident occurred on the rig.

• Ensure that a clear lines of communication are established on the rig for the SDSV to be alerted immediately of any incident onboard the drilling unit (operational or HSE related) or major deviation from planned activities.

• Demonstrate and consistently apply the highest level of leadership in HSE standards, practices and policies.

• Ensure site safety and environmental management systems are implemented as designed and are consistent with internal policies and standards.

• Ensure site team members have a clear understanding about the objectives of the operations and their roles in delivering these objectives.

• Ensure the entire offshore team is aware of the client's operating requirements with regards to regulation compliance, ITDs preparation and compliance, MOC, Inwell center integration, reporting system, etc.

• Maintain a constant communication with Inwell center and ensure its observations, recommendations or alerts are acknowledged at all times.

• Actively participate in, and continually encourage, the use of safety systems and tools while also monitoring participation / usage (safety cards, TBT, JRA, TOF, weekly walk-around etc).

• Review daily safety card information.

• Ensure that the rig contractor is in compliance with the requirements per Well Control Bridging Document (typically following API S53) for the proper maintenance and operations of all the well control equipment.

• Ensure that the rig contractor is in compliance with the defined standards and procedures for the proper maintenance and operations of the safety critical and operationally critical equipment at all times.

• Ensure ITD preparation are in compliance with the Drilling Program and highlight any deviation to properly handle the changes through the MOC procedure.

• Ensure ITDs are prepared on time and distributed / discussed with onshore team (superintendent, drilling manager, engineers and Inwell) before signature.

• Review and ensure delivery of Daily Drilling Report prepared in OpenWells reporting system. Ensure that all the information included in the DDR is detailed and accurate.

• Ensure the review of rig contractor’s IADC report is completed to ensure coding matches the client's DDR in OpenWells (to avoid potential disputes at a later date).

• Ensure preparation and review of the daily ten day lookahead.

• Ensure the preparation of riser, casing and liner tallies.

• Ensure that the calculations for all cement jobs are completed in order to crosscheck with other members of the client's offshore team prior to agreement on final numbers.

• Ensure other operational calculations are performed such as well control calculations, slip & crush and maximum overpull.

• Ensure presence of the client's DSV on rig floor during critical tripping times - e.g. first 10 stands POOH, going through restrictions such as shoe / hangers / BOP / slip joint etc, last 5 stands to bottom.

• Ensure the client's representative witness tool handling and preparation are such as dressing bit with required nozzles, installing SSR wiper plugs below hanger, installing darts into cement head etc.

• Ensure the client's representative witness strapping of tubulars on deck as required (at least one client's representative must witness all pipe strapping with a separate deck tally to cross check against rig contractor tally).

• Ensure the review of all trip sheets and well monitoring sheets to ensure accuracy. Periodic spot checks must be performed to ensure rig contractor is correctly tracking volumes.

• Ensure the client's DSV’s active participation in wireline logging operations, periodically visiting the unit to review wireline tension, hole conditions and any other issues etc.

• Lead all the client's meetings and morning calls offshore. Ensure participation of the client's DSV in key meetings by Rig Contractor offshore.

• Assist with the preparation of Non Conformance Reports related to NPT events.

• Review Lessons Learned register to make sure they are captured accurately.

• Ensure review of the operations performed offshore after each operation phase as part of the After Action Review (AAR), and ensure that all the relevant modifications, recommendations and changes are included in the detailed plan of actions (work instructions) in the AARs. Ensure participation of relevant personnel in the AAR involved in the operations.

• Participate in incident investigations and assist with the preparation of incident reports. Report, investigate, follow-up and ensure close-out of all onsite incidents and near-misses relating to personnel, equipment and procedures promptly.

• Review field tickets for the service company personnel and relevant Rig Contractor work.

• Develop the onsite team and coach individuals to enhance their contribution to performance. Encourage the onsite team for the continuous performance improvement and motivate the team to achieve operational consistency.

• Build team spirit and morale through inclusive and respectful behaviours.

• Relieve the Superintendent when required



BSc or MSc from petroleum related study

Special Knowledge required

• Good knowledge and understanding of NORSOK D-010

• Excellent written and oral command of the English language is essential.

Professional experience

• Minimum 15 years of relative industry experience (i.e. Senior Rig Contractor position, Senior Tool Pusher, DSL, Drilling Engineer, Drilling Supervisor, Drilling Engineer or Drilling Superintendent).

• Candidate must have at least 5 years of experience working as a Senior Drilling Supervisor (SDSV).

• High level of experience working with Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU’s), particularly Jackups, with a minimum of 5 years’ involvement in Jackups with subsea capabilities.

Knowledge and experience of Well Testing operations is advantageous

Software skills

• Strong understanding of Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Teams).

• Basic understanding of the reporting systems (Landmark OpenWells, Spotfire and Pronova).

Additional requirements

• Valid Well Control certification (IWCF Level 4 Combined Surface and Subsea BOP Stack or IADC WellSHARP Supervisor Level).

• Valid Offshore Survival certification (e.g. BOSIET and HUET or equivalent).

• Valid Medical certifications (e.g. Fit To Work and required vaccinations).

• Valid Seamans book or equivalent.

• Excellent written and oral command of the English language.

• Basic understanding of the Spanish language is advantageous but not essential

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