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Senior Drilling Supervisor

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Senior Drilling Supervisor is responsible for the supervision and implementation of the well programme. Responsible for ensuring that all objectives are met in a safe and efficient manner. Liaise and report directly to the Drilling Manager/Superintendent with a view to keeping him fully abreast of current drilling and associated activity.


The Drilling Supervisor reports directly to the Drilling Expert /Superintendent and he represents the Company on site and his accountable, without being limited to the following:

  • Perform the supervisory function as directed by the Drilling Expert /Superintendent. Dealing with and overseeing the daily operations of the drilling contractor engaged in drilling and completion of a well.
  • Review roles and responsibilities for all Contractors well site PERSONNEL to ensure concurrence with their safety training matrix.
  • Never makes assumption. Ensures adequate control and supervision of operations is achieved.
  • Ensure optimal operations performance by constantly evaluating, analyzing and recommending good practices and procedures.
  • Keep an inventory of rental material on the rig and send a daily update to the Operations Engineer.
  • Prepare end of well material reconciliation and all associated documentation for in a timely manner.
  • Supervises the Material man to ensure that equipment is being inventoried properly and the paper work required is prepared accurately.
  • He is responsible for the preparation of site specific HSE requirements in liaison with Drilling Contractor’s HSE representative.
  • Ensures that all work is done efficiently, safely, and in accordance with approved Drilling Manual, Industry best practices, applicable laws and government rules and regulations.
  • Develops and issues verbal and written instructions to the contractor Toolpusher for desired changes in operations.
  • Monitors the operations to ensure the required changes are performed.
  • Issues instructions to service companies for work required and monitor the operations to ensure compliance and all hazards are adequately identified and controlled.
  • Attend pre-tour and pre-job safety meetings to ensure that safety is being nurtured and followed.
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