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Night Drilling Supervisor

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The Drilling supervisor reports directly to the Drilling Expert / Superintendent and he represents the Company on site and his accountable, without being limited to the following:

  • Perform the supervisory function as directed by the Drilling Expert / Superintendent. Dealing with and overseeing the daily operations of the drilling contractor engaged in drilling and completion of a well.
  • Review roles and responsibilities for all Contractors well site PERSONNEL to ensure concurrence with their safety training matrix.
  • Never makes assumption. Ensures adequate control and supervision of operations is achieved.
  • Ensure optimal operations performance by constantly evaluating, analyzing and recommending good practices and procedures.
  • Keep an inventory of rental material on the rig and send a daily update to the Operations Engineer.
  • Prepare end of well material reconciliation and all associated documentation for in a timely manner.
  • Supervises the Material man to ensure that equipment is being inventoried properly and the paper work required is prepared accurately.
  • He is responsible for the preparation of site specific HSE requirements in liaison with Drilling Contractor’s HSE representative.
  • Ensures that all work is done efficiently, safely, and in accordance with approved Drilling Manual, Industry best practices, applicable laws and government rules and regulations.
  • Develops and issues verbal and written instructions to the contractor Toolpusher for desired changes in operations.
  • Monitors the operations to ensure the required changes are performed.
  • Issues instructions to service companies for work required and monitor the operations to ensure compliance and all hazards are adequately identified and controlled.
  • Attend pre-tour and pre-job safety meetings to ensure that safety is being nurtured and followed.
  • Attend the periodic HSE meetings in the field.
  • Monitors the rig activity and plans for the timely arrival of PERSONNEL, materials, equipment and services at the rig.
  • Participate in preparation surface and production casing and cementing programs.
  • Reviews and recommends changes to the cementing contractor proposals.
  • Issues instructions in emergency situations.
  • Conducts emergency drills, BOP drills, etc. as often as deemed necessary, at least once per week.
  • In conjunction with the Drilling Expert/Superintendent, plans for the timely arrival of required PERSONNEL, materials, equipment and services at the wellsite.
  • Prepares material requisitions for items as required.
  • Personally inspects all tools and wellhead equipment for size and pressure rating on arrival at the rig site.
  • Assures that the proper tools and back-ups, if required, are available on location and ready for use.
  • Ensures that every piece of equipment that enters the hole is measured and that the drill string length is accurately known.
  • Inspects the drilling equipment frequently to assure that it is being maintained in accordance with terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Discusses with the contractor Toolpusher, actions required to correct problems noted and follows up to see that corrective action is taken.
  • Recommends ways to reduce cost and improve safety. Cost analysis and / or breakeven analysis should be prepared whenever applicable.
  • Maintains current cost control records of well site expenditures.
  • Participates with the Drilling Engineer and Drilling Superintendent in revising / editing the drilling prognosis whenever necessary.
  • Ensures that the operations are properly documented on the Tour Report and the Daily Drilling Report.
  • Prepares transfer documents, receiving documents, LOT spreadsheet /graphs, casing and cementing reports, cementing plug reports, casing tallies, BHAs, etc to ensure well records are accurate.
  • Ensure all reports submitted from the work site are comprehensive, detailed, concise, correct and complete by reviewing the data prior to submission.
  • Compile the Daily Drilling Report for review and approve by the Drilling Expert / Superintendent.
  • Responsible for the entire well site drilling operations. Senior authority for all PERSONNEL on the rig site.
  • Personally investigates accidents, incidents and equipment failures that occur on wellsite.
  • Supports Contractor Loss Control/HSE Representative.


The candidate shall have/be the following:

  • Qualifications (education degree or professional diploma).
  • Valid IWCF surface BOP, supervisor’s level well control certification.
  • Valid Medical Certificate.
  • Minimum 15 years’ experience drilling supervisor (Day or Night).
  • Minimum three (03) HPHT project during last 15 years (03 HPHT wells or 03 HPHT Drilling campaign). Among them, participate as drilling Expert /superintendent.
  • Working knowledge of HPHT drilling and completion operations.
  • Fluent in oral and written English.
  • Familiar & experienced with HSE Standards & Procedures.
  • Computer Literate.
  • Familiar & experienced with drilling reporting software.
  • Ability to write clear & comprehensive reports and instructions.
  • Familiar & experienced managing rig contractor and service company PERSONNEL.
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